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Group of Camp Fire Girls, a few in costumes for a play. Identified in the back row are: Linda Lynn (1st) and Virginia Miller Hottle (2nd).
Group of Camp Fire Girls either wearing their scout uniform or a costume.
Group of Camp Fire Girls (now called Campfire USA) dressed in costumes for a play.
Group photograph teenaged scouts in front of their tents and under a banner that reads, "Massanutten Camp Fire Girls". None of the girls have been identified.
Group of unidentified teenaged girls posed together in front of tents and under a banner with the words, "Massanutten Camp Fire Girls".

Edinburg Hawks Boy Scout Troop, 1941 - Copy.jpg
In 1941 five members of Edinburg Virginia’s Boy Scout Troop 54, called the “Hawk Patrol,” took this picture on the steel river bridge east of town during a scouting adventure. Pictured from left to right Douglas Hawkins, Frank Wilkins, William Davis,…
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