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Newspaper clipping showing local men involved in the Civilian Pilots Training Program at the Winchester Airport. The program allowed civilians to be trained to fly aircraft in advance of any induction into military service. It was sponsored by the…

Newspaper clipping showing one of the observation towers built in Shenandoah County during the early part of World War Two. These sites were designed to watch for incoming enemy plans and to monitor US aircraft overhead. They were staffed by…

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This newspaper article appeared in the Daily News-Record on July 17, 1942. During that time period, residents of Shenandoah County were fully mobilized to help fight the Second World War. On the Home Front individuals worked in war plants, harvested…

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This article appeared in the December 12, 1941 edition of the Shenandoah Herald. In it local defense official Cecil Newcorn announced he had received a message ordering the county's lookout posts to be manned around the clock. Eventually sixteen of…

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