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Letter to Aunt Mary


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Letter to Aunt Mary


Letter from an unknown party to "Aunt Mary." It discusses a garden, pickling, and local deaths. It is dated August 13, 1912.


Letter to Dear Aunt Mary, Woodstock, Va.,, Truban Archives, Shenandoah County Library, Edinburg, Virginia.


Shenandoah County Library


August 13, 1912


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Page 1, bottom Right

August 13, 1912

Dear Aunt Mary:
I received your let
ter some days ago, but have had
no time to answer. You know
that at this time of year you
have no time to eat or sleep, for
canning, pickling, and all such
work. We have ten dozen cu-
cumbers laid up, and thee
half gallon can of sweet pickle
three quarts of plum pickle,

Page 2, bottom left
the same amound of cliced cucum
ber pickle, and one can of cucum
bers like Aunt Emma make, I
mean thos which you fill with
cabbage. I guess you wonder
where we go our cucumbers,
Mrs. Hutchenson gave us a half
busgel, and we have Aunt
Jennie twenty-five cents for
another half-bushel. We also
have up thirteen quarts of
tomatoes, I put up ten yester-
day morning. Besides doing
that I churched, washed the
dishes, and made all five
of the beds, and straightened
all of the up stairs, and then
helped to get dinner for com-
pany. Uncle Will Spiggle and Kellie was here for dinner.
Pop was home, too. He came
home Saturday evening with
the tooth-ache, and had his
tooth pulled Sunday morning,
and on Sunday afternoon
he had a nervous chill, besides
his back and legs hurting so,
he is still at home. He says
his haws are still sore, and
does not feel so good. I guess

Page 1, left
he will go back in the morning
if he is no worse. Charley is not
feeling so well this morning,
he had the sick headache last
night, but he is better now, he is
down here in the yard. I am
so tired, we just finished wash
in. We had eighty-three pieces.
We had five sheets and ten
pillow-cases. We did not get to start very early, because
Nellie stayed in all night
and she did not leave until

Page 1, top
after the moon
went down.
Did you know
that Mr. John
Riley is dead?
He died Mon-
day morning
about sic o’
clock. Just to
think three died
in one family
inside of one
week. His wife
last Monday
evening, and
sister Satur
day morning,
Mrs. Keating
of Winchester.
They left with
Mr. Riley this
Mau____ &
I went to the
burying of Mr.
John Smuck.
Saturday morning
There was an
awful crowd
there. It was
from Mr. H. ?.
Mrs. Rainey
an I counted
up how many
deaths have
been around
here in the
last ten days
and it is over

Page 2, top
one dozen
You ask
ed ?? ??
one of your
letter if we
had had
any hail
this sum
mer, we
did not. I
ered just
this side
of Harris
onburg, , but
did not go
down. Our garden
cook real
well for
the season
We have
all of the
corn, beans,
tomatoes we
can use.
Mr. H. dug a
potatoe out
have last ?
We got about
fifteen bushels
The reason we
dug them so
early was be
cause his chic
kens got
after them.
Well I must
close and
east my din
Write real soon

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