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Joyce Herbaugh Wright from Zepp, Virginia, as a young girl.

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Photograph of Cleda Orndorff Conner.

Published in the Shenandoah Herald on May 20, 1969 as part of their "Country Kitchens" series.

Cleda Orndorff was born August 9 1888 in Zepp Virginia where she would live her entire life. In 1915 she…

First grade report card issued to Oshal Lofton for the 1938-1939 session of school at the Fairmount Graded School near Zepp in Shenandoah County Virginia. It was issued by the teacher Alma Pitte.
Postcard with a picture of St. James Lutheran Church located in Zepp Virginia.
Postcard bearing the image of the "Schoolhouse" in Zepp Virginia.

The school was also called "Central School." It is located along Zepp Road and opened in 1885. In 1939 it closed. Today it is home to the Cedar Creek Community Center and voting…
Postcard with a picture of scenery in Zepp Virginia taken from the Mountain View Inn.

Teacher Robt. Sibert -Teacher & Students.pdf
Picture of teacher Robert Sibert with his students at the Zepp School.

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