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A November 4, 1936 edition of the "Sez Who," a newspaper published by the students of the Woodstock High School in Virginia.

The newspaper contains information about upcoming events, school activities, and local advertisers.

The name Margaret…

Fraktur commemorating the birth of Elizabeth Rinker of Shenandoah County.

The Fraktur is dated 1835 and reads:

"To This Couple Wilhelm Rinker and His Wife Sarah Whose Maiden Name is Painter (Bender) Was Born Into This World A Daughter, Year of…

Bark statement sent from H.S. Wightman to W.R. Merriam of Liberty Furnace Virginia on August 9, 1911.

The statement details the amount of bark collected, presumably on lands belonging to the Shenandoah Iron and Coal Company, during the month of…

Photograph showing cobbler shop and house operated by the Hisey Family in Edinburg Virginia.

The cobbler shop (first floor, commercial building on left) was founded in 1889 by Benjamin Frederick Hisey and later managed by his son Sedwick. A…

Color photograph of the golf course at the Shenvalee Golf Resort.

Located in New Market Virginia, the course first opened in 1927.

The photograph looks north east.

Photograph of the Massanutten Mountain and a portion of the Town of Strasburg Virginia.

The picture appears to have been taken from an airplane and is labeled "Aerial Photo Made Exclusively for Massanutten National Bank by Robinson Studio, Front…

PXL_20230301_165322118 - Copy.jpg
Photograph of Hattie F. Hepne, identified as "Mrs. Rob Hepner," published in the Shenandoah Herald on June 29, 1956 in an article detailing a deer she had cared for which regularly returns to her home.

Hattie F. Hepner lived near Macanie in the…

PXL_20230301_165313952 - Copy.jpg
Photograph showing the officers of the Woodstock Woman's Club dated June 21, 1956. The photograph was published in the Shenandoah Herald Newspaper.

Pictured from left to right are:

Lacy Boyer
Emily Logan
"Mrs. Frank Humston"

PXL_20230301_164814878 - Copy.jpg
Photograph of Virginia Beeler of Strasburg.

The image was published in the Shenandoah Herald on April 10, 1956 to commemorate her selection as "Strasburg Grade School Teacher of the Month."

At the time Virginia Beeler was a 2nd Grade Teacher…

PXL_20230301_164914213 - Copy.jpg
Newspaper image showing the officers of the Shenandoah County Business and Professional Woman's Club for the years 1956-1957.

The officers are identified as (seated, left to right)

Anna Mary Garber Dellinger
"Mrs. Lawrence D. Bowers"

PXL_20230301_164637096 - Copy.jpg
Photograph published in the Shenandoah Herald newspaper noting Dorothy Ann Newland of Mt. Jackson had been selected to be the Honorary Fire Chief for the Mt. Jackson Fire Company.

At the time she was a sophomore at Mary Washington College…

Photograph labeled "Aunt E. and classmates."

"Aunt E." refers to Edythe F. Getz. Which individual she is in the image and the names of her classmates are unknown.

The photograph was taken along Main Street in Mt. Jackson Virginia. Mt. calvary…

Photograph of the French Brothers Dairy located on Water Street in Woodstock Virginia.

The image is labeled by the producer "France Brother Milk D.H."

It is dated 1980.

Photograph labeled "Hugh, John Martson, Joe Grove."

Based on the image and names provided, the two individuals identified are John E. Marston and Joe H. Grove of Edinburg Virginia.

"Hugh" may be Hugh Hisey, but that is uncertain.

The image…

Single sheet with a description of the Rinkerton Community located near Mt. Jackson Virginia. The reverse bears a series of initials and "Rinkerton Shen.Co."

The document is undated and the person responsible for its creation is unknown.

Notice sent from Warren B. French Jr., President and General Manager of the Shenandoah Telephone Company to subscribers notifying them of a change to dialing procedures for station to station calls.

Miniature photograph of Hattie Fravel. The image is dated on the reverse "January 3, 1898."

Hattie was a resident of Woodstock Virginia.

Brochure advertising Shenandoah Caverns "The Symphony in Stone."

The brochure is undated, but appears to have been produced ca. 1960.

Postcard bearing an image of the interior of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in advance of its Christmas Eve service.

The card is dated 1971.

Mt. Zion is located west of Woodstock Virginia in the Fairview Community.

Photograph reproduction of an image showing Susan Pence Foltz and her husband Nathaniel Scott Foltz.

The two lived in Forestville Virginia where Nathaniel was a woodworker.

Letter from "John Scholl & Bro., Inc." of Reade Street in New York City to W.H. Baker of Toms Brook Virginia dated March 27, 1925. It concerns a damaged shipment of eggs.

W.H. Baker operated a general store and egg distribution business on Back…

Undated broadside advertising the annual lawn party of the "Young People's Guild of the Edinburg Reformed Church."

Patch bearing the emblem of of the Edinburg Elementary School in Edinburg Virginia.

This peel and stick patch was designed for a jacket or article of clothing.

Photograph showing the Hotel Holtzman located in Woodstock Virginia.

The hotel's staff, several of which are African American, and numerous other individuals are also pictured.

This structure stood at the current site of the Shenandoah County…

Photograph showing the Shenandoah County Courthouse in Woodstock Virginia.

The image is undated, but would have been produced in the first part of the 20th century.
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