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Photograph showing two unidentified girls at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg Virginia.

Photograph showing a group of girls and one male subject at Camp Strawderman. The reverse of the image is labeled "Hike to Orkney."

Photograph showing a group of girls at Camp Strawderman in a car and several on horseback. The image is undated and the subjects are unidentified.

The reverse of the photograph is labeled "Which is Blanche? I want to be sure I'll know her."

Photograph showing women participating in a "water show" at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg Virginia.

Photograph showing a group of four girls and one boy at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg, All subjects of the photograph are unknown.

Photograph showing a group of unidentified girls on horseback at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg Virginia.

Photograph showing girls on horseback at Camp Strawderman west of Edinburg Virginia.

Color photograph showing seven unidentified girls at Camp Strawderman, located west of Edinburg Virginia.

Bonnie Mawyer came to Shenandoah County in 1975. Her and her husband Roger moved to the Avendale Acres subdivision in Mt. Jackson after he was hired to manage the WSIG radio station.

A third grade teacher at New Market Elementary School, Bonnie…

May 3 1930.jpg
Photograph of two women in costume. The image is part of a collection related to the Downey family of Edinburg Virginia. It is dated May 3, 1930.

Photograph showing three women with tennis gear. From left to right they are Ann Stoneburner, Lucia Zigler, and Elizabeth "Beth" Downey. The photograph was taken in August of 1944 of the Downey home's tennis court, located on what is now Stoney Creek…

Photograph showing an unidentified woman (left) and Elizabeth Downey of Edinburg Virginia atop a skyscraper.

Photograph showing a group of unidentified women, apparently of different generations in a family.


Photograph showing Agnes Crabill and Effie Stickley. It is labeled "taken at home in summer of 1904 or 1905."

Photograph showing a group of nine unidentified women. It is part of a group of photographs from a camping trip to Red Banks along the Shenandoah River. It was conducted by the Edinburg "XYZ Club."

Photograph showing two women with a steam locomotive. The woman standing is Elizabeth Williams Lichliter whose husband William worked for the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad at the Strasburg Junction Depot. The younger woman on the locomotive may be one…

Photograph showing Frances Jenkins (1884-1980), teacher at Strasburg High School. The picture was taken sometime around 1920, It appears in Pauline Lichliter's high school scrapbook.

Pauline Zelda Marjorie Lichliter.jpg
Photograph showing from left to right Pauline, Zelda, and Marjorie Lichliter. The three sisters lives in Strasburg Virginia.

Connie Cary Caroline O'Bryant Pauline Lichlitera.jpg
Photograph showing three women at a wedding. From left to right they are Connie Cary, Caroline O'Bryant (bride), and Pauline Lichliter.

Photograph showing an unidentified women's baseball team ca. 1925.

Photograph strip showing two unidentified girls.


Photograph of two unidentified Strasburg High School Graduates. The women are most likely members of the Lichliter family.

Photograph showing Cathy Wakeman, Central High School class of 1978, advancing down a basketball court. Taken from the 1978 Central High School Yearbook's Girls Varsity Basketball page.

Girls Varsity Basketball.jpg
Picture of the 1978 Varsity Girls Basketball Team at Central High School in Woodstock Virginia. Taken from the 1978 Central High School Yearbook.

Everyday @ SHS.jpg
Photograph of two women. Taken from the 1925 Strasburg High School Annual. Page labeled "Everyday at S.H.S."
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