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This photograph, which originally appeared in the Washington Post, shows a group of women during the Woodstock Bicentennial Celebration in 1952. The women are, from left to right, Mrs. Charles Wolverton Sibert, Mrs. Lyle Shelton, Mrs. Nelson Lynn,…
Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing a group of women in bathing suits at an unidentified location (they may be Miss Shenandoah Valley Pagent contestents). Jane Melinda Sensony Rhides of Strasburg is pictured on the back row, third from…


This photograph shows the members of New Market’s “Bachelor Girls Club.” It was most likely taken sometime between 1870 and 1890.

Almost nothing is known about this organization. After the Civil War the male population in the South had been…

Photograph taken by Hugh Morrison showing Laura Belle Harris.

Laura Belle was a Shenandoah County resident who was born on November 30 1926. She joined the United States Army as a member of the Women's Army Corps soon after that organization was…

The 1946 Toms Brook High School girls’ basketball team had an extremely successful season. Their yearbook reports they played a total 21 games and losing only four. 14 of those were played against teams from Shenandoah County’s six other high…
Postcard with a picture of the principal and faculty at the former Woodstock High School on Court Street.
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