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Morrison Studio Collection


Morrison, Hugh Jr. (1871-1950)
Morrison, Louis
Morrison, James


In 1899 Hugh Morrison Jr. opened a photograph studio on W. Court Street in Woodstock after several years of working in the area as a travelling photographer.

Between that time, and the time his grandson James Morrison closed the studio in 1988, the Morrison family captured thousands of portraits, landscapes, and buildings on film and glass negatives.

In 1999 the Shenandoah County Historical Society acquired over 31,000 of these negatives from the estate of local collector Charles D. Bauserman. Volunteers from the historical society worked over the next several decades to house, number, and scan each image. This effort resulted in over two tons of Morrison plates and negatives being processed and digitized.

This collection contains those digitized versions of these photographs.

Through a partnership between the historical society and the Shenandoah County Library's Truban Archives access to a growing number of these images is available to the public. Current projections indicate the full collection will be available for viewing sometime in 2028.
This collection does contain some images of a sexual and/or graphic nature that some viewers may find inappropriate.


Morrison Studios


Hugh Morrison Collection, Shenandoah County Historical Society Inc.


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A special thanks to Tracy McMahon for her dedicated work entering metadata for this collection.
A special thank you to the Shenandoah County Historical Society for their efforts to number and scan each image.


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Collection Items

Unidentified Cadet
Unidentified cadet from MMA wearing his school uniform.

Mary Lee (Harler) Grandel and Child
The name, “Preston Grandel” is written on the glass plate of this image of a young woman and her child.

Upon further research, we have identified this woman as Mary Lee Harler, the first wife of Preston Newman Grandel (1921-1984). The couple…

"Preston Grandel"
Young Toddler sitting on a pillow on a corner chair with a toy. The subject has a knitted outfit with a cap.

The name, "Preston Grandel" was written on the glass plate. Upon researching, it appears this is one of the four children born to…

Unidentified Toddler
Unidentified young girl sitting on a corner chair wearing a dress with a ribbon in her hair.

Unidentified Toddler
Unidentified toddler wearing a dress sitting on a corner chair.

Unidentified Woman
Unidentified woman sitting on a table in a print dress with a wide belt.

Swartz Family
Photograph of James Eldred Swartz with his wife, Virginia Ruth (Hornsby) and his young daughter, Ida Sue.

J. Eldred Swartz was the son of Charles Franklin and Ida Belle (Coffman) Swartz from the southern end of Shenandoah County. He graduated from…

Unidentified Toddler
Unidentified sitting on a corner chair on a pillow.

Unidentified Toddler
Unidentified young girl sitting in a chair with a doll baby. The subject has a ribbon in her hair.

Unidentified Young Girl
Unidentified young girl sitting sideways on a chair with a toy duck.

Unidentified Toddler
Unidentified toddler sitting on a bench leaning on a pillow. The subject is wearing a necklace.

John C. Ryman
John C. Ryman, pictured as a young man and wearing a suit and tie.

John was a lifelong Woodstock area farmer and member of Valley Pike Church of the Brethren. His parents were Edward Andrew (1891-1978) and Sudie Frances (Hoffman) (1891-1965)…

Robert M. Shrum
Portrait of Robert Marvin Shrum as a young boy sitting on a bench with a toy rabbit.

Robert was the son of Clarence Granville (1913-1997) and Fossie Cathern (Richman) Shrum (1909-2000). In the 1950 census, his father worked as a salesman for a gas…

Unidentified Man
Unidentified young man in a Massanutten uniform.

Unidentified Young Boy
Unidentified young boy standing on a bench.

Unidentified Young Woman
Unidentified young lady sitting on a stone bench wearing a hat and bow tie.

Unidentified Toddler
Unidentified toddler sitting on a bench.

Unidentified Toddler
Unidentified toddler sitting on a chair in the Morrison studio.

Unidentified Children
Unidentified children posing for a portrait on a bench.

Sadie Belle Herbaugh
Portrait of Sadie Herbaugh wearing pearls and glasses.

Sadie Belle was the daughter of Cora Alice (Wine) Baker. Her stepfather was Charles Baker, however, the name of her biological father is unknown. Some records list Sadie’s maiden name as…

Unidentified Family
Unidentified family portrait featuring one older man and two young children. Young boy in bib overalls.

Unidentified Children
Unidentified Children sitting on a bench

Feller and Family
Photograph of Carl E. Feller, Sr. a lifelong Maurertown resident, with his son, Carl Edward Jr., and his wife, Maudie (Brill) Feller, beside him.

Carl’s parents were Charles William and Lucy Catherine (Fravel) Feller. When he registered for the…

Unidentified Woman
Unidentified young lady posing for her portrait with a plain background.

Unidentified Man
Unidentified man wearing a suit and glasses.
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