Warrior Images: Korea

On June 27, 1950 the United States deployed troops to South Korea to help that nation repel an attack from North Korea. Thus began the Korean War, which lasted until  1953 when a ceasefire was signed.


During the course of the conflict, over 300,000 Americans would serve during the war. This included scores of Shenandoah County residents.  Several died during the war, leaving behind wives , mothers, fathers, and other family members.


On the homefront, Korea seemed to be a distant separate from the lives of most Americans. While Shenandoah County residents certainly worried about those fighting overseas and provided support through blood drives, bond drives, and other events, the impact of the war on the local population paled in comparison to the recently ended WWII. 


“Warrior Images: Korean War” recognizes those individuals who fought in the conflict. It highlights select Korean War veterans from our area, including some who never returned. 



Shenandoah County Library