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Color postcard showing a picture of the Riverside Tea Room located along the river south of Edinburg Virginia.
Photograph of an unidentified room.

Room contains a small dining space with table set and adjoins plant-filled porch or atrium. It may be a breakfast room.
Unidentified bedroom showing two tennis rackets mounted above a door and a "Washington DC" pennant hanging there as well. Portrait of a young man is beside the bed.
Spacious veranda of the former home of Myron Bowman, Sr. Located on S. Main Street in Woodstock, the porch was furnished with wicker rockers , flowers, and a couch.
Photograph showing a dining room with french doors leading to a plant-filled porch or sunroom area beyond.
Private study or library, probably in a home. Two chairs, bookcases, heater, and part of a desk are visible.
Two unidentified women wearing long skirts and reading books in a naturally lit and decorated bedroom. Pennants on the walls say, "Massanutten", "Womans College", and "Irving".
Photograph of the corner of a wall-papered bedroom. There is a dresser in the corner with a mirror over it. Many photographs are tacked up on the wall at the right. Another dressing table with a pitcher and bowl on it occupies the left side.
An office door is flanked by a storage unit with narrow drawers (perhaps for storing maps or diagrams) and a cabinet containing unidentified equipment. Two vintage telephones are visible as well.
Image of a daybed flanked by a dresser in one corner and a small dressing table in the other. A window is above the bed and stuffed animals are on the bed.
Narrow bedroom barely wide enough to hold two twin beds, a dresser and a chair. A closed-curtained window is at the back of the room.
View of a small, orderly bedroom. Two single beds line the walls and a desk is in the middle of the room.
Damaged photograph of a bedroom in a house. There are two beds, a wood floor, and print wallpaper on the walls.
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