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12-10-1941 NVD p2.jpg
Three days after the Japense attack on Pearl Harbor, this advertisment appeared in the Northern Virginia Daily. It notes that war had been declared before Christmas but encourages individuals to still but while prices were low.

This advertisment…

12-8-1941 NVD p4.jpg
This editorial appeared in the December 8, 1941 edition of the Northern Virginia Daily. Published in response to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, it gives insight into how the local community reacted to the assault. 

The article echoes…

12-19-1941 SH P1.jpg
This Christmas greeting and prayer appeared on the front page of the Shenandoah Herald on December 19, 1941. It reflected on the military service of many county residents and the seperation that caused during the holidays.

As the article notes,…

12-12-1941 SH P1.jpg
This article appeared in the December 12, 1941 edition of the Shenandoah Herald. In it local defense official Cecil Newcorn announced he had received a message ordering the county's lookout posts to be manned around the clock. Eventually sixteen of…
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