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Postcard showing "The Hill" located on the New Market Battlefield approximately one mile north of town. The house was used as lodging for tourists.
Postcard showing the "Quiet Retreat" Lodging House near New Market VA
Postcard showing the Mountain View Tourist Home and Tea Room located on Lee Highway one miles east of New Market VA. The site featured a free garage, cabins, and campground and was operated by Mrs. F.L. Bingham.
Postcard showing the Cedar Grove Cottage Camp located three miles north of New Market Virginia. The site featured a coffee shop and service station. It was operated by F.N. McCormick and advertised "Monkey Faced Owls."
Photographic postcard with an image of the "Bingham's Tourist Home and Tea Room." The business included lodging, cabins, a tea room, and service station. The home still stands.

The site is located along US Route 211 approximately 1 mile east of…
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