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Photo of a photograph of a two-story home. The caption, "The Geo. Huddle Homestead. Built 1750. Near Toms Brook, Va." appears on the glass negative.
Photograph of an unidentified farm with a house and multiple other buildings. There is a river in the foreground and a mountain visible behind the house. "6398-03367" is written on the glass plate.
Photograph of a large Tudor-style house with lots of greenery growing on and around the home.
Photo of a photo of Burgess Nelson's home in Mt. Jackson. He had it built using a home in Roanoke as his inspiration. It was torn down in 2013.
Photograph of a photograph of a home in Mt. Jackson that was built by Burgess Nelson. Unfortunately, the home was torn down in 2013.
Photograph of a photograph of the M.F. Risig residence located on Raleigh Court in Roanoke, Virginia.
Image of the Magruder Home located on W. Court Street in Woodstock. The home was adjacent to the Morrison Photographic Studio. It later became the Miller Nursing Home for a time. As of 2022, the building is the Allen & Allen Law Office.
Two unidentified men standing outside a two-story, wood-sided home. Snow is on the ground and on the branches of two large pines in the front yard.
Photo of a photo of an unidentified village, possibly in Asia. Houses are on stilts.

Photo of a photo of an unidentified village, possibly in Asia.

Two story house on the Liberty Furnace Property.
Photograph of a drawing of Hollingworth Hall as it appeared on June 1, 1882. Written on the plate is: "Estate as it now stands comprises 625 acres of land the hall grounds - valued at L20,000". The hall was located in the village of Longdendale,…

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Unidentified two-story house with wraparound front porch on an in-town lot.
Unidentified small house with a sign out front that says, "Tourist" indicating that rooms were available to let.
Unidentified two-story home made of stone. Covered front porch and side addition are visible.
Panorama of an unidentified farm house on a knob with various barns and outbuildings around it.
Unidentified two-story house situated so the entryway is right on the sidewalk of a town street.
Large unidentified home displaying a wraparound front porch and impressive three-story turret addition on the right.
Photograph of the Bushong Farm located in the New Market Battlefield State Historical Park north of New Market, Virginia. The Federal-styled home was built in 1825 to accommodate Jacob Bushong and Sarah Strickler's growing family.

The 1864…
Unidentified house shown from the back. Possible orchard is visible as is an unidentified man standing in the distance.
Unidentified man wearing overalls and standing in front of a rural homestead backing up against the mountains. The two-story wood-sided home has a covered front porch and outbuildings are visible.
Photograph of a photograph of the side of a house situated in a rural setting. An unidentified man and woman are visible on the back porch looking out at the photographer.
Faded image of an unidentified wood-framed home with a couple of unidentified people just visible in the small yard.
Fort Egypt, a large log house, is a historic landmark in Page County, Virginia and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

Built of 20"-25" diameter logs dovetailed at the corners, Fort Egypt has a massive stone chimney in the…
Photograph of a photograph of a two-story, wood-sided house on a hill. Metal fence and gate are in the foreground.
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