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Photo of a framed photo of an unidentified young man wearing a Massanutten Military Academy uniform.
Unidentified group of school-aged children and adults who participated in the Daily Vacation Bible School hosted by Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock. The camp lasted from July 30th to August 10th, 1928.
Photograph of a group of unidentified young men and women. They are posed outside of a building. Two separate entrances are partially visible. This may be a school group.
Photograph of eight unidentified young people dressed up and all about the same age. They are posed on the steps of a building with a blooming honeysuckle vine behind and above them.
Photograph of a group of unidentified young men and women, all dressed up and posed outside in front of an arbor.
Photo of a photograph of two unidentified young girls. It is a school picture and "1941-42" is printed on the bottom.
Group of high school students in front of the Strasburg High School. The following have been identified:
1st Row (l to r): ?, Cecilia Horan, Marguerite Boles, Mildred Fund Gordon, Ada Lineburg, Beatrick Booth, Dorothy Lutz, Lillie Lichliter…
Photograph of the students from Bowmans Crossing School about 1911. They are identified as:
1st row (l to r): Ruth Baker, Raymond Baker, Medger Bowers, Clarence ?, Joe Bowers, Fred Grandstaff (Tip Downey), and Mertie Bowers.
2nd Row: Buford…
Group of unidentified students posed in front of their school. Ages of the children indicate elementary grades
Unidentified young man wearing a school uniform for Massanutten Military Academy (MMA).
Portrait of an unidentified boy dressed in a Massanutten Military Academy school uniform.
Unidentified young man wearing the school uniform for Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) located in Woodstock, Virginia.
Faded image of a group of students and their teachers posed in front of a building, probably their school. The child on the right is holding a slate that says, "June 1910".
Photograph of students and teachers from the class of 1912 posed as a group in front of the Lantz Mill School.
Sammy Wolfson pictured in his cadet uniform from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI) in Blacksburg, Virginia. He was a member of what is today called Virginia Tech's "Corps of Cadets".
Sammy Wolfson shown in his Virginia Polytechnic Institute (VPI) cadet uniform. He was a member of what is now Virginia Tech's "Corps of Cadets".
Two unidentified Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) students wearing their school uniforms.
Two unidentified cadets from Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) in Woodstock, Virginia. One is seated and wearing a U.S. Sergeant's uniform, indicating he was probably in MMA's JROTC program. The other young man is perched behind him in a standard…
Unidentified young man wearing his Randolph Macon Academy (RMA) school uniform. RMA is located in Front Royal, Virginia.
Two unidentified young men wearing Massanutten Military uniforms. The cadet on the right is partially obscured by plate damage.
Unidentified student of Massanutten Academy wearing his school uniform.
Unidentified woman wearing a white dress and pearls, with a bouquet of flowers and a diploma in her lap.
Unidentified MMA student wearing his Massanutten Military school uniform.
Portrait of unidentified MMA student wearing his Massanutten Military school uniform.
Unidentified student cadet in his Massanutten Military Academy school uniform.
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