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George William Smith Collection


Smith, George William (1900-2000)
Woodstock (Va)


Digitized photographs from the collection of George William Smith of Woodstock Virginia.

George William Smith (1900-2000) was an African American citizen of the town of Woodstock who was noted for his collections, including many items rescued from the trash. He lived on Water Street and attended Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Woodstock. Smith is buried at the Riverview Cemetery in Woodstock.

Two hundred and seventy nine of the rescued photographs that are part of this collection were taken and/or processed by Woodstock photographer Hugh Morrison.

An amateur photographer, George Smith took hundreds of photographs of the town during the 1980s and early 1990s for his amusement. These images are available at the Shenandoah County Library but have not yet been digitized.


George William Smith Collection, Truban Archives, Shenandoah County Library, Edinburg, Virginia.


Shenandoah County Library


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Collection Items

Demolition Building Corner of Commerce and Court Streets
Photograph showing the demolition of a building located at the intersection of Court and Commerce Streets in Woodstock Virginia.

The photograph was taken by Woodstock resident George W. Smith and is dated 1985.

This building was constructed…

African American Minstrel Performers
1921 photograph showing African American musicians and performers in costume and blackface for a Minstrel Show production.

Mt. Zion Methodist Church is a historically black congregation was established in 1867. Most likely this photograph is from…

Unidentified House
Photograph showing an unidentified house. Frame includes the mark of photograph Hugh Morrison, Harrisonburg VA.

New Mt. Zion M.E. Church
Postcard photograph showing Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Woodstock Virginia. Besides the image of this historically black church, the postcard also shows an inset portrait of its minister W.H. Polk and the segregated African American School in…

People with a Horse
Photograph of a photograph showing an unidentified man and woman beside a horse.

MMA Cadets
Photograph showing a group of Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) Cadets on the front steps of the school's Lantz Hall.

Naval Academy
Photograph showing naval midshipmen and civilians at the Naval Academy in Annapolis Maryland.

Family Photograph
Photograph showing four members of an unidentified family. The image is blurry.

MMA Cadet
Photograph showing an unidentified Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) cadet.

Football Player
Photograph showing an unidentified football player.

Unidentified Cathedral
Photograph showing an unidentified Gothic Cathedral in Europe, most likely France.

Restaurant Kitchen
Photograph showing plates, cups, and other items inside an unidentified restaurant kitchen, possibly at a counter.

MMA Cadet
Photograph showing a previously developed photograph of an unidentified Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) cadet.

Unidentified Woman and Man
Photograph of an unidentified woman smiling while at a table with a bird perched on her head. An unidentified man is standing behind her. The scene appears to be in a restaurant.

Chest of Drawers
Photographs showing a chest of drawers and mirror at an unknown location.

Washington Monument
Photograph showing a close up view of the Washington Monument in Washington (D.C.)

MMA Cadet
Photograph showing an unidentified Massanutten Military Academy (MMA) cadet.

Unidentified Woman
Photograph of an unidentified woman.

Drawing of a Woman
Photograph showing a drawing of an unidentified woman.

Baseball Game
Photograph showing a baseball game at an unidentified location.

MMA Football Game
Photograph showing a football game at Massanutten Military Academy (MMA).

Unidentified Woman
Photograph showing an unidentified woman in a kitchen.

Photograph showing a door and entryway at an unknown location.

Unidentified Child and Woman
Photograph showing an unidentified child and woman in an outdoor setting.

People with a Horse
Photograph of a photograph showing an unidentified man and woman beside a horse.
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