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Warrior Images: WWII


On December 7th, 1941 the United States of America entered the Second World War. Over the course of the next four years millions of Americans would become warriors and fight around the globe. Over 400,000 of them would die while serving.

Several hundred Shenandoah County residents became part of the Armed Forces. They served in almost every branch of the military and in combat theatre. Many never came home.

Local photographer Hugh Morrison captured images of these local warriors in his studio on Court Street in Woodstock. Often these soldiers, sailors, and marines had their photograph taken after completing their training or before deployment. They were usually photographed in their dress uniforms and usually had a joyful expression. Several appear alongside sweethearts, spouses, parents, or other family members.

A few of these images are of service members who died during the war. These photographs, usually the last showing these individuals, would have been cherished by their families.

The pictures displayed here help us remember local residents who served our country during this conflict. Help commemorate them by discovering their story and commenting on your experience.


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