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Postcard with a picture of the gateway to Camp Strawderman dated 1963.

Camp Strawderman is a girls camp located in western Shenandoah County near Columbia Furnace Virginia. It opened in 1929.
Postcard with a picture of cabins at Camp Strawderman which is an all girls camp located near Columbia Furnace in Shenandoah County Virginia.
Photographic postcard showing a group of girls riding horses as part of their activities at Camp Strawderman. The card is labeled "Early Morning Ride. Camp Strawderman, Columbia Furnace Virginia."

The camp is located west of Edinburg VA near the…
Photographic postcard showing girls on the porch of a cabin at Camp Strawderman.

The postcard identifies the cabin as "Barcarolle," which is one of the sleeping cabins at the camp.

Camp Strawderman is located west of Columbia Furnace Virginia…
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