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"Dear Dad" Letter



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"Dear Dad" Letter


Hines, Joseph M. (1923-1969)
Toms Brook (Va)
World War (1939-1945)


Letter sent from Joseph M. Hines, USMC, to his father Duval Hines of Toms Brook Virginia. The letter was sent care of the fleet post office in San Francisco California.


Joseph M. Hines


Folder 1.7: Letters from Joseph Martin Hines USMC to Duval Hines and Mary Hines, 1944, Joseph Hines Collection, Truban Archives, Shenandoah County Library, Edinburg, Virginia.


Shenandoah County Library


Postmarked December 23, 1944


Susan Hines


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PFC. J.M. Hines Co
C-1-24th-4Mar Div c/o
Fleet Po Sa Frico Calf.

Mr. D.D. Hines
Toms Brook Virginia

Dear Dad,
I got your card today and decided to do something you don’t do often (write). I guess you know I’m in the hospital now. I expect I have about 10 days here yet. About the show. I did several gags, one a Russian dialect & Abner of Lumb & Abner sometimes. I was the only girl in our Arabian act with hair on her chest.
That piece in the paper may have been sent from here. They took my picture in costume to send to the hometown paper. If the picture comes out in the paper send it with the write up. I would like to see what they say about me.
Dad I get homesick at times, but I haven’t been doing any drinking. Oh I have a beer now & then but that’s all. I wrote Leila and gave her the word. She showed it to Miley and then answered. I wrote both of them and apologized. I said I was high that nite and didn’t even remember what I wrote. I told her I hoped that they would be very happy. Well, that ends Chapter two in the “Life & Love of J.M. Hines, Esq.” Ha. Ever since we broke up I have been trying to give her some of her own medicine. No woman will ever run my home & I think Leila takes after her Mother. Ha. I am writing Dot & Margaret & Sue and if you send me Nancy Ryan’s address I’ll write her too.
PS If you have any of that money I sent left, send off and get the following books by Thorne Smith. You will like them. 1. “Topper” 2. The Stray Lamb. 3. The Glorious Pool, Joe

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Envelope and letter


Joseph M. Hines , “"Dear Dad" Letter,” Shenandoah County Library Archives, accessed June 18, 2024,


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