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Shenandoah Fire Company

Shenandoah Fire Company

Shenandoah Fire Company Building

Woodstock Fire Department

Woodstock Fire Department, 1933

In 1823 members of the Woodstock Community banded together to form a volunteer fire company to protect their lives and property. This organization moved from the former town hall building on East Court Street to this structure in 1883. At the time they protected the community with a single hand powered engine and hose carts. This structure was their headquarters. It also served as town hall, community center, and assembly point for the militia.

The large bell atop the structure was used to alert residents if there was a fire. It was designed to produce a different sound from local church bells to differentiate their call to worship and its warning.

At the turn of the 20th century a water system was installed in Woodstock and only hose carts were needed. Four were operated by the Shenandoah Fire Company, previously the Woodstock Fire Company, during the 1920s. One of these was at the former engine house on Court Street.

This building continued to serve the fire company until 1933, when it was demolished and a new brick structure built in its place to house new motorized fire engines. Today the volunteer fire department continues to operate on this site and preserves the historic fire bell and hand engine once housed here.