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Photograph of a stately 2-story home on Muhlenberg Street in Woodstock. In its early days, it was known as the Walton House and was a private residence. Later, it was converted into the Susan B. Miller Memorial Hospital.

When the Shenandoah…
Photograph of an unidentified man holding the halter of a large horse. The home visible behind them is located at 105 N. Muhlenberg Street in Woodstock. That home was owned for a time by Col. James Williams and his wife, Cora. It was also the…
Photograph of an unidentified father and daughter on horseback. The image is taken in front of the house they lived in on the corner of Court and Muhlenberg Streets in Woodstock. The building later became the Miller Nursing Home.
Photograph taken of the home of A.V. Marston in winter. This house on N. Muhlenberg Street in Woodstock was later owned by Jacob J. and Lillian Sperry.

As of 2023 it was home to the Woodstock Police Department.
Postcard with a depiction of Peter Muhlenberg while giving his sermon to recruit continental soldiers in Woodstock Virginia. Includes a description of the event.
Postcard published to celebrate the sesquicentennial of Peter Muhlenberg's sermon in Woodstock Vigrinia.
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