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Photograph of an advertisement for Crea-Lyptos, a remedy for coughs. It says the product "hits the spot" and urges consumers to "stop that cough before it stops you."
Photograph of an advertisement for Kotex. The advertisement features women holding boxes of Kotex and lets consumers know the package is ready wrapped in plain paper for a "modest request."
Photograph of an advertisement for Sterno Canned Heat for instant cooking. The product is advertised as instant heat for any purpose and claims to aid in quickly making food outdoors while posing no threat to forests.
Photograph of an advertisement for a state-of-the-art pocket organizer. It billed itself as "More than a wallet" and "Better than a purse".
Photograph of an advertisement for the Kellogg's Company. The product was in liquid form and came in a bottle. It was said to help with eliminating nausea and served as a laxative.
Photograph of an advertisement for different book genres. No single company name is highlighted
Photograph of an ad for the Gillette Company which features the slogans, "You can't buy blades in your Bathroom!", "A smooth shave comes from Gillette Goodness" and others.
Photograph of an advertisement for the Bosch Radio Company.
Early iceboxes displayed in a tent, probably at a County Fair. J.S. Denton & Sons from Harrisonburg sponsored the exhibit.
Photograph of iceboxes made by the Copeland Company and washing machines made by the Dexter Co. Setting is inside a large tent, possibly the Shenandoah County Fair.

The display was sponsored by People's Hardware Corp. in Harrisonburg, Va.
Photograph of a page from a catalogue or related advertising publication from the "C.F.E. & Co." featuring an example of one of their headstones. The image also provides dimensions for this pictured example. The name, "Reams" on the headstone is used…
Photograph of a sign mounted on the side of a building that advertises the American Red Cross' efforts to help the "boys over there".

Advertisement for the "Daily Arrival" at T.B. Richey's store.

The advertisement was printed in 1896 in an unknown newspaper. It lists underwear, produce, hardware, and groceries as items for sale.

The store was located on Main Street in…

Advertisement for Thomas Manufacturing Company Disc Drills and Grain Drills sold by Snarr and Miley Store in Toms Brook Virginia.

The advertisement is undated, but includes testimonials from individuals dated 1911.

Pamphlet advertising the movie "No No Nanette." Distributed by the Strand Theater. Dated September 16 1930 and September 17 1930.
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