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"Dear Mother & All" Letter



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"Dear Mother & All" Letter


Hines, Joseph M. (1923-1969)
Toms Brook (Va)
World War (1939-1945)


Letter sent from Joseph M. Hines, USMC, to his mother Mary Hines and family in Toms Brook Virginia. The letter was sent care of the fleet post office in San Francisco California.


Joseph M. Hines


Folder 1.8: Letters from Joseph Martin Hines to Duval Hines and Mary Hines, January-March 1945, Truban Archives, Shenandoah County Library, Edinburg, Virginia.


Shenandoah County Library


March 22 1945


Susan Hines


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PFC. J.M. Hines
C-1-24th 4 Mar Div.
C/O Fleet Po. San Francisco

Dear Mother & All,
I guess you are getting pretty anxious to hear from me again. I haven’t been able to write much till now.
There is not much to write about Iwo except it was the toughest yet! You ask if I have been to Midway. No that is one place I have never been. I’m back at rest camp again and at present am resting. I just jot things down as I think of them so this will be pretty fouled up.
Say, don’t worry about Dot because I’m not. Ha. That’s just one less complication when I finally get home for my 30 days. I’m fixing to paint that valley 6 different colors and as for the girls I would like to start all over.
As for the citation it’s divisional and there is no ribbon. A lot of us got them , any how all of the fellows should have.
You can tell Fullers I intend to cut Cliff Jr. out entirely with Jayne. She will be about the right age for me when I get back, (by the way when is her birthday and how old is she?) so he had better find something else. The marines are fixing to land and the doggies ain’t got a chance. You can tell Jayne too, also she had better get hot and write.
And for you Erma Hines you had better have a back like a broom when I see you or you sit standing up. I’ll work you over with a swi swather! Thanks for writing Ha.
Old Man I really enjoy your letters, of course I enjoy Mother’s but I don’t have to worry about her writing, but I sure had a time getting you started.
I was a runner on Iwo and my foot only bothered me about twice so I guess it’s better, don’t you? Say people I gotta write a chick in D.C. and one in Pa. So I’ll stop for now.
All my love,
Praying For Corporal Never told you that before.
PS How do you like this stationary? [ new 4 Div. stationary with Iwo on it. Took picture.]

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Joseph M. Hines , “"Dear Mother & All" Letter,” Shenandoah County Library Archives, accessed February 21, 2024,


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