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Unidentified Woman wearing large hat.
Unidentified man with waxed mustache and high collar, portrait
Unidentified Woman in polka dot blouse, portrait
Two unidentified young men in vests and jackets, portrait
Unidentified girl wearing sailor collared dress, portrait
Three unidentified women wearing high-collared dresses
Unidentified Woman
Unidentified Woman with hint of smile
Unidentified Woman wearing spectacles and dress with striped collar
Unidentified Young Man in suit and striped tie
Photograph of Lottie Wiseman.

Lottie was a lifelong resident of Staunton, Virginia. She was one of many children born to Stuart F. (1857-1928) and Emma J. (Garrison) (1863-1923) Wiseman. In 1910, the family lived on North Augusta Street where…
Unidentified Child on armrest of rattan bench wearing big bow
Image shows many individual images of people
Two young women with sister-like resemblance
Unidentified young woman wearing dark gloves and high stiff collar
Two unidentified men wearing cowboy hats and suits
Unidentified boy's image from group photo circled with white paint.
Unidentified Man with mustache
Unidentified Woman
Unidentified elderly woman in hat holding unidentified toddler
Unidentified Man with mustache wearing suit with bow tie
Unidentified young couple sitting side by side
Unidentified Woman wearing white blouse with ruffles
Elwood Bowman Santmiers as a very young boy.

Elwood, son of George R. and Mary Elizabeth Bowman Santmiers, was born in Woodstock Virginia in 1899 and died in Highlands County Florida in 1978. He was married to Lena Clem Santmiers (died 1925)…
Three separate unidentified portraits, all are damaged
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