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Photograph of six of the seven children born to Sandy Scott Williams (1897-1985) and his wife, Marie Beatrice (Smith) Williams (1907-2007). Pictured are: (Back row, l to r) Margaret A., Archie Stuart, and John Sandy; (Front row, l to r) Paul Thomas,…
The name, “Preston Grandel” is written on the glass plate of this image of a young woman and her child.

Upon further research, we have identified this woman as Mary Lee Harler, the first wife of Preston Newman Grandel (1921-1984). The couple…
Young Toddler sitting on a pillow on a corner chair with a toy. The subject has a knitted outfit with a cap.

The name, "Preston Grandel" was written on the glass plate. Upon researching, it appears this is one of the four children born to…
Unidentified young girl sitting on a corner chair wearing a dress with a ribbon in her hair.
Unidentified toddler wearing a dress sitting on a corner chair.
Photograph of James Eldred Swartz with his wife, Virginia Ruth (Hornsby) and his young daughter, Ida Sue.

J. Eldred Swartz was the son of Charles Franklin and Ida Belle (Coffman) Swartz from the southern end of Shenandoah County. He graduated from…
Unidentified sitting on a corner chair on a pillow.
Unidentified young girl sitting in a chair with a doll baby. The subject has a ribbon in her hair.
Unidentified young girl sitting sideways on a chair with a toy duck.
Unidentified toddler sitting on a bench leaning on a pillow. The subject is wearing a necklace.
Portrait of Robert Marvin Shrum as a young boy sitting on a bench with a toy rabbit.

Robert was the son of Clarence Granville (1913-1997) and Fossie Cathern (Richman) Shrum (1909-2000). In the 1950 census, his father worked as a salesman for a gas…
Unidentified young boy standing on a bench.
Unidentified toddler sitting on a bench.
Unidentified toddler sitting on a chair in the Morrison studio.
Unidentified children posing for a portrait on a bench.
Unidentified family portrait featuring one older man and two young children. Young boy in bib overalls.
Unidentified Children sitting on a bench
Photograph of Carl E. Feller, Sr. a lifelong Maurertown resident, with his son, Carl Edward Jr., and his wife, Maudie (Brill) Feller, beside him.

Carl’s parents were Charles William and Lucy Catherine (Fravel) Feller. When he registered for the…
Unidentified children sitting on a bench.
Photograph of an unidentified little girl wearing a plaid skirt and seated on a bench.
Photograph of an unidentified man and woman, seated with two young children on or beside them.

This was probably a family portrait.
Unidentified toddler seated on a chair and smiling.
Unidentified young boy seated on a bench with one leg under the other.
Heavily damaged photograph of an unidentified toddler lying naked on a table in a sunlit room.
Damaged portrait of an unidentified woman holding a very young child.

This was probably a mother with her child.
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