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Photograph of Hattie F. Hepne, identified as "Mrs. Rob Hepner," published in the Shenandoah Herald on June 29, 1956 in an article detailing a deer she had cared for which regularly returns to her home.

Hattie F. Hepner lived near Macanie in the…

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Photograph showing the officers of the Woodstock Woman's Club dated June 21, 1956. The photograph was published in the Shenandoah Herald Newspaper.

Pictured from left to right are:

Lacy Boyer
Emily Logan
"Mrs. Frank Humston"

PXL_20230301_164814878 - Copy.jpg
Photograph of Virginia Beeler of Strasburg.

The image was published in the Shenandoah Herald on April 10, 1956 to commemorate her selection as "Strasburg Grade School Teacher of the Month."

At the time Virginia Beeler was a 2nd Grade Teacher…

PXL_20230301_164914213 - Copy.jpg
Newspaper image showing the officers of the Shenandoah County Business and Professional Woman's Club for the years 1956-1957.

The officers are identified as (seated, left to right)

Anna Mary Garber Dellinger
"Mrs. Lawrence D. Bowers"

PXL_20230301_164637096 - Copy.jpg
Photograph published in the Shenandoah Herald newspaper noting Dorothy Ann Newland of Mt. Jackson had been selected to be the Honorary Fire Chief for the Mt. Jackson Fire Company.

At the time she was a sophomore at Mary Washington College…

Photographs showing two individuals, one woman from the Fritts family and a man from the Dellinger family. The man is in uniform and appears to be a 1st Lieutenant in the US Army.

The man and the woman are most likely 1st cousins, sharing the…
The name, “Preston Grandel” is written on the glass plate of this image of a young woman and her child.

Upon further research, we have identified this woman as Mary Lee Harler, the first wife of Preston Newman Grandel (1921-1984). The couple…
Unidentified woman sitting on a table in a print dress with a wide belt.
Photograph of James Eldred Swartz with his wife, Virginia Ruth (Hornsby) and his young daughter, Ida Sue.

J. Eldred Swartz was the son of Charles Franklin and Ida Belle (Coffman) Swartz from the southern end of Shenandoah County. He graduated from…
Unidentified young lady sitting on a stone bench wearing a hat and bow tie.
Portrait of Sadie Herbaugh wearing pearls and glasses.

Sadie Belle was the daughter of Cora Alice (Wine) Baker. Her stepfather was Charles Baker, however, the name of her biological father is unknown. Some records list Sadie’s maiden name as…
Photograph of Carl E. Feller, Sr. a lifelong Maurertown resident, with his son, Carl Edward Jr., and his wife, Maudie (Brill) Feller, beside him.

Carl’s parents were Charles William and Lucy Catherine (Fravel) Feller. When he registered for the…
Unidentified young lady posing for her portrait with a plain background.
Photograph of Emma Boyer Stultz seated on a bench in the studio.

Emma was the daughter of James Marcellus and Daisy Viola (Copp) Boyer, a farming couple from rural Woodstock.

The 1940 census found her married to Cecil Stultz (1915-2005) and…
Unidentified couple portrait with a plain background. The lady is wearing a pin inscribed with "mother".
Portrait of Marjorie E. Snarr as a young woman. She was the daughter of James Frank and Flora (Bucher) Snarr from Strasburg. She had a brother named James.

In 1948, when she married George Lemuel Fox in Lebanon Church, she worked as a secretary.
Photograph of an unidentified man and woman, seated with two young children on or beside them.

This was probably a family portrait.
Portrait of an unidentified young woman with short, curly hair.
Portrait of Marie Beatrice Smith Williams, a long-time and well-known resident of Strasburg.

She married Sandy Scott Williams and together, they raised their six children on B Street (now called Branch Street).

Marie lived to be 100 years old…
Photo of an older photograph of an unidentified man, seated, and an unidentified woman standing beside him with her hand on his shoulder.

Probably, this was a husband and wife.
Heavily damaged photo of a photograph of two images of the same unidentified woman.
Damaged portrait of an unidentified woman holding a very young child.

This was probably a mother with her child.
Damaged image of an unidentified woman seated on a bench.
Damaged image of an unidentified women seated on a bench.
Heavily damaged image of an unidentified man, seated, with a toddler and an unidentified woman standing beside both of them.

Probably, this was a family portrait.
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