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Photograph showing the Hotel Holtzman located in Woodstock Virginia.

The hotel's staff, several of which are African American, and numerous other individuals are also pictured.

This structure stood at the current site of the Shenandoah County…
Portrait of an unidentified African American child posed on a studio chair.
Portrait of an unidentified woman standing in the studio and wearing her Sunday best clothes, including a fur hand muff decorated with a floral corsage.
Unidentified African American woman with her arms behind her head.
Photograph of the children of Reverend Theopelus A. Thomas and his wife Ruth E. Thomas.

Reverend Thomas served as a Pastor of the Mt. Zion ME Church in Woodstock.

His children at the time of this image were Ruth E., Doris S., Maude V, and…
Photograph of the Reverend T. A. Thomas and his family standing on the porch of a house sometime before 1930.

Reverend Thomas was a pastor at Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Woodstock, Virginia in the 1920s and 1930s. He was born around 1883 and…
Portrait of an unidentified woman wearing ball earrings and ruffled short sleeves.
Photograph of Josephine Benchoff and an unidentified African American girl in a wagon.
Josephine Benchoff was born in 1916 and paralyzed at a young age. She died May 11 1938. Her father was Howard Benchoff, Superintendent of Massanutten Military…
Photograph of an unidentified woman, seated, with her legs crossed.
Photo of a photograph of an unidentified woman wearing a flowered jacket and a brimmed hat.
Photo of a framed photograph of an unidentified man with a thin mustache.
Photo of a photograph of a young woman wearing a skirt and blouse and posed with her hands in her lap.
Portrait of Emma Henderson Christian as a young woman.
Photo of a photograph of an unidentified woman seated in front of a studio backdrop.
Portrait of unidentified young man wearing a suit and tie.
Portrait of Philip McAfee as a young man. He is wearing a two-tone striped jacket and a hat.
Portrait of Pearl Dyer Spinner.
Photo of a photograph of Ella Dyer Thompson standing outside and holding two cats in her arms.
Photo of two images side-by-side. On the left is an unidentified man standing outside in work clothes. On the right is an older, faded image of a young person.
Photograph of an unidentified young woman dressed in a white dress and long white gloves.
One of Hugh Morrison's children (left) with a friend, standing beside a large rock in a yard. A wood fence between two properties is visible.
Photograph of Grace E. Johnson Morrison with several of her children and a neighbor's child.
Unidentified man wearing a U.S. Army uniform that indicates he served with the Army's Service Forces.
Photo of a photograph of an unidentified young man wearing his U.S. Army uniform.
Photograph of two prints, each showing an unidentified man. The man on the left is wearing a U.S. Army uniform; the one on the right is in a suit and tie.
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