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Color photograph of "Highway Post Office One" passing the Shenandoah County Courthouse in 1988.

The Highway Post Office was inaugurated in 1941 with a Washington DC to Harrisonburg VA route. In 1988, the Smithsonian and US Postal Service…
Portrait of James Samuel Clower. He was the son of Joseph B. Clower and Caddie Rodeffer, and had a brother named Joseph.

James worked as a mailman in Woodstock. He is buried in Massanutten Cemetery.
Postcard with a picture of the US Post Office in Woodstock Virginia.
Postcard with a picture of the Shenando Building in Strasburg Virginia which, at the time the picture was taken, was home to the US Post Office.
Postcard showing a picture of the 1936 Post Office in Strasburg Virginia
Postcard showing the Strasburg Post Office.

Constructed in 1936, the post office is still open on King Street.
Color postcard bearing an image of the US Post Office in Woodstock Virginia.

The card is dated 1951. The Post Office building was constructed in 1927.

Document appointing Joseph W. Evans Postmaster of Edinburg Virginia. He was appointed on July 29, 1868. This document was signed by St. John Bull Skinner, acting postmaster general on August 11 1868.

Joseph Evans would serve as postmaster in…
Postcard showing the "Stop and Look" store and post office located in Bayse Virginia
Image of an unidentified brick post office with a postal box and flag pole out front.
Postcard showing the US Mail Highway Post Office Vehicle Number One between Lacey Spring and New Market Virginia in 1981. This photograph was taken during an reenactment of the vehicle's original postal route.
Picture showing the US Post Office at Shenandoah Caverns Virginia.
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