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Edinburg Fire Company "Soiree Minstrels" show held on April 3rd and 4th 1931. Show directed by Stanley Murray and Mrs. George W. Ring Jr. Photograph taken by Hugh Morrison of Woodstock Virginia. The show was held in the Edinburg Theater.

Document appointing Joseph W. Evans Postmaster of Edinburg Virginia. He was appointed on July 29, 1868. This document was signed by St. John Bull Skinner, acting postmaster general on August 11 1868.

Joseph Evans would serve as postmaster in…

Letter from S.D. Crude, resident engineer for the Virginia Department of Highways, to J.W. Garner of the Shenandoah County Board of Supervisors. The letter informs Garner and the board that the state department of transportation had received approval…

Dog tag produced to mark the marriage of Jo Ann Walters and Frank J. Walters of Edinburg Virginia.

Certificate issued to Franklin J. Walters certifying that is has completed a period of training and active service in the United States Navy during World War Two.

Certificate issued to Franklin J. Walters certifying the decorations, medals, and badges he is entitled to wear to commemorate his service in the Second World War. Signed by H.T. Jones, United States Navy Reserves on June 30 1945.

Certificate of completion for the United States Navy's Seaman First Class Training Course presented to Franklin Joseph Walters on May 22 1944.

Honorable Discharge from the United States Navy issued to Franklin Joseph Walters in October 1945.

Colorized photograph showing the United States Navy Destroyer Charles F. Hughes (DD428) sometime during World War Two. The image was owned by Franklin J. Walters who served aboard the destroyer during the conflict.

Two undated photographs showing an unidentified individual serving as "Santa Claus" for the Shenandoah County Library's annual Christmas holiday program for children. The photographs were taken in the library's original location in the basement of…

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Photograph showing two volunteers stocking shelves at the Edinburg Community Library, ca. 1980. At the time the library was located in the former Irvin Building on what is now Piccadilly Street.

Program for movies shown at the Edinburg Theatre during the week of October 18, 1937. They included New Faces of 1937, One Man Justice, You Can't Have Everything, Born to Dance, and The Outcasts of Poker Flat.

Invitation to a "A Social Dance" to be held at the Holtzman Hall in Edinburg Virginia on June 9, 1899

00000001 - Copy.jpg
Photograph showing the Edinburg Baseball Team in 1949. Pictured from left to right are:

First row: Bat Boy Donald "Doc" Steadman and dog

Second row: Cocky Rinker, Bud Moomaw, Pod Orndorff, Joe Swartz, Teddy Fleming, Glenn "Jiggs"…

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Photograph showing the aftermath of a wreck involving a train on the the "Dinky" Railroad which connected Edinburg Virginia with the iron operations at Liberty Furnace. The wreck occured on March 2, 1911 when the railroad trestle crossing Stony Creek…

May 3 1930.jpg
Photograph of two women in costume. The image is part of a collection related to the Downey family of Edinburg Virginia. It is dated May 3, 1930.

Eliz. Downey July 4 1927.jpg
Photograph showing Elizabeth Downey standing on the running board of a car. The photograph is dated July 4, 1927.

Photograph showing three women with tennis gear. From left to right they are Ann Stoneburner, Lucia Zigler, and Elizabeth "Beth" Downey. The photograph was taken in August of 1944 of the Downey home's tennis court, located on what is now Stoney Creek…

Photograph showing an unidentified woman (left) and Elizabeth Downey of Edinburg Virginia atop a skyscraper.

Photograph showing a group of nine unidentified women. It is part of a group of photographs from a camping trip to Red Banks along the Shenandoah River. It was conducted by the Edinburg "XYZ Club."

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Mary Lou Polk Thompson was known for her involvement with the community and C.E. Thompson’s, an Edinburg building supply company that her husband was part owner of.

Born on July 22, 1933 she moved to a house just south of Edinburg in 1961…

Edinburg Hawks Boy Scout Troop, 1941 - Copy.jpg
In 1941 five members of Edinburg Virginia’s Boy Scout Troop 54, called the “Hawk Patrol,” took this picture on the steel river bridge east of town during a scouting adventure. Pictured from left to right Douglas Hawkins, Frank Wilkins, William…

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Report of an extraordinary amount of snow and extremely frigid temperatures that occurred in Shenandoah County in December of 1880. The author is unknown, but it was kept by the Saum family of Edinburg Virginia.

Center Street to Mayor Rau's on Main.
Five photographs showing various portions of Edinburg Virginia following a snow story. The pictures are dated April 11, 1918. They include images of the Cedar Hill Academy, Piccadilly Street, Main Street, and Center Street. All were taken by an…

Photograph showing what was then called the Moyer House in Edinburg Virginia. It is located along Stoney Creek Road (now Boulevard) just west of town. The library now stands in the adjacent field.

The image is labeled "Moyers House as shown from…
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