Samuel Coverstone

Samuel Coverstone Journal

Samuel Coverstone Journal- 1877-1880

Samuel Coverstone Journal

From November of 1877-January of 1880 Samuel Coverstone of Fort Valley Virginia kept this journal.

Born November 24, 1860 Coverstone was a farmer, silversmith, clock maker, and carpenter. Though newspaper articles and other evidence suggests he worked extensively across the mountain, he lived the majority of his life within Fort Valley. He was educated at Slate Hill School and attended Dry Run Christian Church. He died on March 20, 1929 and is buried in the McInturff Cemetery located just north of Seven Fountains.

His journal provides details on his everyday life and the lives of his neighbors. Below is a transcript of his activities during December, 1878 with the numbers corresponding to the day of the month. 

1. Walked to social singing at Slate Hill, then walked down to Tobias Clem's, then back

2. Walked to B.F. Buyers and brought the two horses back which mother and Caroline Neeb rode up to Mr. B. Then helped father to clean beans in the barn, then helped him to haul some wheat to Mine Run Mill.

3. Built a wood house.

4. Rode Down near the Buzzard Nob and worked on the new piece of road, then rode back.

5. Finished the wood house and chopped wood &c.

6-7. Helped to break off corn and haul it in to the barn.

8. Walked to Slate Hill and heard Wm. Peters, Gant, and S. Shaver preach, then walked back.

9. Tended to sundries around the house and barn.

10. Helped to Shell and husk corn and ten to sundries.

11. Helped to haul some wheat and corn to Mine Run Mill then walked to the Furnace and back to the mill then rode back and helped to husk corn.

12. Rode to Mine Run Mill and back and helped to husk

13. Helped father to husk corn and walked to Uncle Solomon McInturffs and helped Eli, who came from teaching school at Dry Run to drive three Sheep from there home.

14. Helped to chop wood A.M. And haul it (wood) P.M.

15. Tended to Sunday work &c.

16. Helped to husk corn, and chopped some wood and made two window shade rollers &c.

17. Rode to Mine Run Mill and back and helped to crib corn.

18. Helped to crib corn &c. &c.

19. Tended to sundries and helped to haul some flower &c. From Mine Run Mill.

20. Helped to build a sheep pen A.M., helped to chop wood P.M.

21. Worked but little on account of snow and rail &c.

22. Walked to Slate Hill and heard B.F. Boyer preach, then walked back, and after noon, walked down to David Coverstones then home

23. Chopped wood and tended to sundries.

24. Tended to sundries and helped father to fix the ice house &c.

25. Fixed a lamp &c A.M. And rode to Adm. Munch’s Store then rode round to Uncle Coln. McInturffs then hom, and at night walked to a debate (polemical) at Slate Hill, then home.

26-27. Helped father and Eli and the hired hands, Wm. Surf linger, Wm. Clem, and Uncle John P. Coverstones to gather ice and fill the ice house.

28. Mended a pare of boots and tended to sundries.

29. Tended to Sunday work A.M. And walked down to David Coverstones, then walked down and skated on the ice on the White Post Mill Dam with a lot of skaters then walked to Harvey Coverstones then home.

30. Helped father and the hired hands, John H. Clem and George M. Ride our to butcher five hogs.

31. Walked to the school which was taught by brother Eli at Dry Run School House. Dry Run Va.

Samuel Coverstone