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Photo of Reverend Polk superimposed onto photo of Mt. Zion Methodist Church.

The church is located at the intersection of Church and Locust Streets in Woodstock, VA and is a historically black church.
Photograph of Strasburg Presbyterian Church located at 325 S. Holliday Street in Strasburg, Virginia. Dedicated in 1830, it was used as a hospital by Federal troops during the Civil War.
Unidentified chapel showing large stained glass window, arched columns, and two sections of wooden pews.
Black and white image of the stained glass window located inside Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Woodstock Virginia.
Woodstock Presbyterian church hidden somewhat by a row of shade trees growing along the unpaved street. Church windows and door are arched.
Photograph of a drawing of a large unidentified Church.
Harrisonburg Baptist Church used to be on East Market Street in Harrisonburg. It was razed when a new Baptist church was built on South Main Street. In 2004, the site was a parking lot.
Photograph of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock, Virginia. Superimposed on the image are small, oval photographs of M. Coffman, the Superintendent of the Sunday School, and Rev. S.W. Kuhns, the Pastor.
Photograph of the Mt. Zion Methodist Church on the corner of N. Church and E. Locust Streets in Woodstock. It was built in 1921 to replace an earlier one on the same location. A man is standing in the doorway in the photo.
Photograph of St. Peters Lutheran Church in Toms Brook, Virginia.
Photograph of Emmanuel Episcopal Church located on E. Court Street in Woodstock, Virginia.
Photograph of the original AME church on the corner of Church and Locust Streets in Woodstock, Virginia. The building at the far left of photo is the church's school. This building was torn down and replaced with a bigger church in 1921.
Photograph of the Samuel L. Laughlin Presbyterian Memorial Chapel and Woodstock Presbyterian Church located on E. Court Street in Woodstock Virginia.

The structure still stands as a part of the Presbyterian Church's social hall.
Unidentified church with steeply pitched roof and bell visible at the top. It is made of stone and located next to residences.
Photograph of a drawing illustrating an unidentified church with steps leading up to a columned entryway.
St. John Bosco Catholic Church is located on North Main Street in Woodstock. The building is still standing (as of 2007) and a new sanctuary has been built on the adjacent lot.
Photograph of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church located on E. Court Street in Woodstock Virginia.
Woodstock Presbyterian Church located in Woodstock, Virginia.
Candid classroom scene with unidentified elementary-aged children at work while an unidentified teacher works with a boy one-on-one. Pictures of Bible scenes on the walls indicate this was a Sunday school of some kind.
Unidentified older students with their Sunday school teacher seated at a table. All are wearing their coats and hats.
Photograph of seven unidentified children and one adult in a circle of chairs. This appears to be a Bible study or Sunday School class. The drawings hanging on the wall behind the children depict biblical themes.
Photograph of a large unidentified group of people of varying ages in front of a church. The women wear large, decorated hats and the men are wearing suits with hats. The church is possibly the original Woodstock Christian Church (Disciples of…
Photograph of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church located on East Court Street in Woodstock, Virginia.
Augusta Stone Church is a Presbyterian place of worship located in Augusta County, Virginia, in the unincorporated community of Fort Defiance. The church was one of two meeting houses established by The Congregation of the Triple Forks of the…
Photograph of the Emmanuel Episcopal Church located on E. Court Street in Woodstock, Virginia.
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