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This photographic postcard bears an image of Patmos Lutheran Church located approximately two miles west of Woodstock Virginia.

The reverse of the card bears the date "1931" in pencil, but the photograph appears to be an earlier one.

Postcard bearing an image of the interior of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in advance of its Christmas Eve service.

The card is dated 1971.

Mt. Zion is located west of Woodstock Virginia in the Fairview Community.

Photograph of Rev. A. A. J. Bushong.

A Lutheran Minister, Bushong served several churches in Shenandoah County during the late 19th century. This includes Mt. Zion Lutheran Church at Fairview which he led from 1884-1895.

Born October 2, 1832,…
Undated portrait of Pastor Luther Lee "L.L." Huffman and his wife Minna Enola Beam Huffman.

Pastor Huffman was a Lutheran minister and native of Stanley in Page County Virginia. He served the Toms Brook Parish of the Tennessee Synod of the…
Portrait of Rev. Alfred Shumate who served as the Minister of the Lutheran Church in Toms Brook.
Photo of a photograph of Reverend William Huddle (1897-1992). He was the pastor of Toms Brook Lutheran Parish from 1942 to 1947, which consisted of St. Mathews and St. Peter's Lutheran churches.
Photograph of the communion set belonging to the Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock. The pieces rest on a cloth embroidered in German. It reads: "Friederich Hengerer, Eva Margagrea Hengerin, WTSTOCK, Gottallein Die Ehre 1767". The words refernce…
Photograph of St. Peters Lutheran Church in Toms Brook, Virginia.
Photograph of Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock, Virginia. Superimposed on the image are small, oval photographs of M. Coffman, the Superintendent of the Sunday School, and Rev. S.W. Kuhns, the Pastor.
Portrait of Reverend S.W. Kuhns who served in the Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock. He came from Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1911.
Portrait of Reverend S.W. Kuhns who served in the Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock. He came from Greensboro, North Carolina in 1911.
Photo of a newspaper clipping showing picture of Reverend Levi Keller who was a pastor from 1850 to 1860, and 1867 to 1871.

Photograph showing the church confirmation class at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church on March 31, 1957.

The individuals pictured are identified, though the order in which they appear is uncertain. They are, as listed on an attached identification…

Photograph showing the congregation of St. Peter's Lutheran Church in Toms Brook Virginia.

The photograph is undated and unlabeled.

Pledge to the vestry of "Jacob's Church" along Swover Creek in Shenandoah County.

At the time the church was a "Union Church" between what is now St. Jacob's Lutheran Church, which stands in the same area as Jacob's Church, and Christ Reformed…

Envelope and letter written by John Wisman of Woodstock to R.H. Newland of Hamburg Virginia. Dated August 15, 1889.

The letter concerns a construction debt owed by Emanuel Lutheran Church in Woodstock to Newland.

"Architect's Drawing" of an educational building then under construction for St. Pauls Lutheran Church in Strasburg Virginia.

The drawing is dated September 1, 1953. It is taken from the publication "Historical Sketch of St. Pauls Lutheran…

Photograph showing Solomons Lutheran Church located near Moores Store in southwestern Shenandoah County.

The reverse of the photograph is labeled "Soloman's Church- Grandmother & Granddaddy went here until 1928 due to common communion cup."

Photograph of Reformation Lutheran Church located in New Market Virginia. The picture was featured on a dedication program for the newly constructed church which was held on June 17, 1956.

Cover page and last page of the Minutes of the Virginia Synod of the Lutheran Church, held at St. Mark's Lutheran Church in Roanoke Virginia.

St. Davids Lutheran Church Fort Valley.jpg
Picture of the St. Davids Lutheran Church in Fort Valley Virginia. The congregation was formed around 1816 when the Lutheran worshipers in Fort Valley established their own church. The building pictured was constructed in 1873 after the previous…

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church Fort Valley.jpg
Photograph of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church located in Fort Valley Virginia. The church was constructed in 1897 by a group of dissidents who left the St. David's Church Congregation. The two churches would reunite in 1965.
Postcard showing the Rader Lutheran Church near Timberville Virginia with historic dates and pastor's names.
Postcard showing Mt. Zion Lutheran Church located in Ridge Road near New Market Virginia.

The postcard is dated 1978.
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