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Photograph of a certified copy of the marriage for 23-year old Oliver Madison Funk, a U.S. Army private stationed in the Stepney area of London County, UK, and working as a meat-cutter.

His father was Oliver Milton Funk.

He married Hilda…
Photo of a photograph of an English manor home called Guy's Cliffe. The estate has been around since Saxon times and is located on the River Avon and the Coventry Road between Warwick and Leek Wootton, in Warwickshire, England.

The house was used…
Photograph of a drawing of Hollingworth Hall as it appeared on June 1, 1882. Written on the plate is: "Estate as it now stands comprises 625 acres of land the hall grounds - valued at L20,000". The hall was located in the village of Longdendale,…

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