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Heavily damaged image of an unidentified barn. The emulsion damage obscures the people who were posed in front of it.
Early concept drawing for one of the buildings on the campus of Massanutten Military Academy.
Photo of a photograph of an English manor home called Guy's Cliffe. The estate has been around since Saxon times and is located on the River Avon and the Coventry Road between Warwick and Leek Wootton, in Warwickshire, England.

The house was used…
Photograph of the National Bank of Woodstock Building.

As of 2022, the building still stands at the intersection of Main and Court Streets in Woodstock.

Several other businesses were housed in the building along with the bank. Advertisements…
Photograph of the former Red Lion Tavern, located at 204, 208 South Loudoun Street in Winchester, Virginia. There is an unidentified man standing in front of the building.
Photograph of a decaying log structure. There is no roof and the log walls are starting to fall inwards.
Unidentified man standing inside what was once a log cabin. No roof remains and the walls have started to collapse inwards.
Image of an unidentified brick post office with a postal box and flag pole out front.
Unidentified large building being constructed. Scaffolding wraps the outside and a pile of sand is in the foreground.
Photograph of a log outbuilding with dovetail notching at its corners.
Photograph of the apple workers, posed on large barrels, outside the processing plant of J.G. Gravely in Woodstock. The words, "Virginia Valley Fruit Growers. "Lady Bird & Red Top" brands" are also visible at the bottom of the image.
Photograph of the front of a workshop on East Hughes Street in Woodstock that was used by an electrician named Byrd Bauserman in the 1940s.
Side view of the workshop of Byrd Bauserman, an electrician whose shop was located on East Hughes Street in Woodstock.
Photograph of the workshop used by Byrd Bauserman in his work as an electrician. The shop was located on East Hughes Street in Woodstock.
Photograph of a group of unidentified people standing around a stone memorial with a large billboard behind them that has an illustration of a large building on it.
Photograph of the National Bank of Woodstock building located on the corner of E. Court and N. Main Streets in Woodstock. Vintage automobiles are visible on the left and right of the image.
Wender's Clothing Store located at 103 S. Main Street in Woodstock. It was housed in the G.W. Koontz building. Simon Z. Wender, the owner of Wender's, is visible on the left. The man on the right is unidentified.
Photograph of a vehicle at a service station in Woodstock Virginia.

This building stands on W. Court Street. It was constructed sometime before 1899 and housed various businesses including a bicycle shop, harness shop, and service station.…
Photograph of the Pure Food Store which was located inside a frame structure commonly called the Koontz Building.

The site is, as of 2024, home to the Woodstock Cafe.
Photograph of Shockey Flat with gas pumps and an unidentified man out front. This building was located on Main Street in the area of the current town office in Woodstock.
Photograph of the A & P Grocery store in Woodstock.
Panoramic shot of a wooden building, fenced yard, and valley vista behind it.
Photograph of a photograph showing the office building at Liberty Furnace.

The two story office building was part of the complex of structures used at this iron furnace facility located west of Edinburg Virginia.

It was demolished in 1998.
Image of several unidentified farm buildings taken from across a field.
Photograph of unidentified entrance to large building with two-story, columned front porch. Wide steps lead from the foreground to the door.
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