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Unidentified man and woman standing together behind a chair. The woman is wearing a large hat with flowers on it.
Unidentified older man and woman, seated, with two boys and a girl posed around them.

Probably, these were family members.
Unidentified man and woman, seated, with two unidentified girls standing beside or behind them.

Probably, this was a family photograph.
Six unidentified young people, of various ages but resembling each other, all posed together.
Portrait of an unidentified person wearing a hat and jacket with buttons on the collar.
Nine unidentified people, all adults, seated together in the studio.
Four unidentified people sitting together on the stoop of a house.

Probably, this was a family group.
Family photograph of Ches Lambert, seated, with his wife, Evelyn (Eckard) Lambert beside him and their oldest son, Jerry Franklin, on her lap. Another son, Wayne A. “Butch” Lambert, and a daughter, Bonnie Jo Lambert, were born after this photograph…
Five unidentified people posed together.

Probably, this was an older couple with their three grown sons.
Photo of a photograph of three unidentified people standing together outdoors.
Group of seven unidentified people, probably family members.

It is possible the image of the man at the back (2nd from the right) has been superimposed on an older image of a family group. However, we cannot be certain.
Photograph of thee unidentified women with a baby held in the lap of one of them.

Probably, this was a multi-generational family photograph.
Three unidentified people posed together on the steps of a porch.
Five unidentified people posed together outdoors on the steps of a porch.
Photograph of an unidentified older woman, seated with three young men standing beside her and an unidentified young woman seated beside her.

Probably, this was a Mother with her four grown children.
Photograph of two unidentified women in the foreground and an unidentified bearded man in a bow tie standing behind them. A fourth person is partially visible on the left.
Unidentified man, seated, with a woman in round glasses and wearing a feathered hat standing beside him.

Probably, this was a husband and wife.
Four unidentified people, two men seated and two women standing behind them.
Unidentified young man standing beside an older woman who is seated. Both are wearing winter coats.

Possibly, this was a mother with her son.
Unidentified elderly man with a beard, seated, with an unidentified woman and younger man standing behind him.

This was probably a family photograph.
Portrait of David Lemuel Wakeman and his bride, Zelia Mae (Hoover) Wakeman, taken on their wedding day, May 19, 1920, in Shenandoah County.

David Lemuel Wakeman was the son of Lemuel David (1862-1936), a farmer, and Laura (Beydler) (1868-1922)…

Two unidentified men, seated, with their arms around two unidentified women.
Photograph of an older unidentified couple, seated, with an unidentified man, woman and young child standing behind them.

Probably, this was a family.
Photograph of four unidentified people assembled together in the studio.

Probably, this was a family group, possibly siblings.
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