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Photograph of the Reverend T. A. Thomas and his family standing on the porch of a house sometime before 1930.

Reverend Thomas was a pastor at Mt. Zion Methodist Church in Woodstock, Virginia in the 1920s and 1930s. He was born around 1883 and…
Photograph of the children of Reverend Theopelus A. Thomas and his wife Ruth E. Thomas.

Reverend Thomas served as a Pastor of the Mt. Zion ME Church in Woodstock.

His children at the time of this image were Ruth E., Doris S., Maude V, and…
The name “Harry Edmunson” is written on the glass plate of this image of a young man standing in his U.S. Army uniform from the WWI era.

Upon further research, it is likely this was a photograph of William Harrison “Harry” Edmonson, born in…
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