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Photograph of a marriage certificate dated December 7, 1932 between Robert Hite and Elizabeth Wickham, both of Woodstock. The marriage took place in Alexandria.
Group of mostly unidentified Woodstock High School students posed at the main entrance.

Three people are identified in this picture. They are on the second row, far right. Pictured are, from left to right, Edward L. "Dick" Wickham, Martin Luther…
Sophomore class of Woodstock High School in 1928. A few of the students have been identified. Louise Funk is in the 2nd row down from the top and 2nd girl on the right end. Other students in the photo are Homer Golladay, Dick Wickham, Sam Stickley,…
Group photograph of mostly unidentified baseball players from Massanutten Military Academy (MMA).

Identified is Jack Sperry (back row, 5th from the left).

The player standing (second from the left) is holding a chewing tobacco pouch with the…
Portrait of Dick Wickham as a young man. Plate damage is visible.
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