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Photograph of the dedication plaque for the Sperry Dining Hall at Massanutten Military Academy. Sperry Dining Hall was dedicated by Jason J. Sperry in memory of his parents. Mr. Sperry was from West Virginia and lost his parents at a young age. He…
Group photograph of the members of the 1914 Massanutten Academy's football team. They are assembled on the steps of a campus building. In the front center, a cadet is holding a football with the notation, "MA -14".

Pictured are, left to…
Group photograph of mostly unidentified baseball players from Massanutten Military Academy (MMA).

Identified is Jack Sperry (back row, 5th from the left).

The player standing (second from the left) is holding a chewing tobacco pouch with the…
Members of Massanutten Academy's 1915 football team.

Cadets in this image are, from left to right:

Front Row: Carl Nelson (team mascot)

Second row:

Clarence Osburn, James "Jimmy" Kekahulilani Mahikoa, Byrson G. Schutte (Team Captain), Ray…
Photograph taken of the home of A.V. Marston in winter. This house on N. Muhlenberg Street in Woodstock was later owned by Jacob J. and Lillian Sperry.

As of 2023 it was home to the Woodstock Police Department.
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