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Portrait of Jack Dunny Wightman (1923-2000) as a young boy. Born in Roanoke, his parents were Charles Dunfee and Resa Z. (Bowman) Wightman. Jack had two children: Resa Ann (Wightman) Beasley and Rex Miller Wightman. He also had four grandchildren…
Portrait of Mr. Frank S. Bowman of Bowman's Department Store, located on West Court Street in Woodstock, VA. He married to Sarah Supinger Bowman in 1900.
Portrait of Mary Bair Bowman as a young woman. She was the daughter of Franklin S. and Sallie (Supinger) Bowman and sang in the Lutheran Church in Woodstock. She never married.
Photograph of Eunice Virginia Bowman Miller as a young girl.

Eunice was the daughter of Paul Raymond and Grace Virginia (Airhart) Bowman from the Ashby Lee District of Shenandoah County.

When she married in 1968, she worked as a seamstress for…
Photograph of Angelo Bowman as a young man.

Angelo was from Fort Valley, a son of James Samuel (1876-1947) and Adeline "Addie" Melvina (McClanahan) (1880-1918) Bowman.

He married a young widow, Myrtle P. (Nicholson) Haun in May 1917. She had a…
Photograph of the interior of an unidentified bank with an unidentified teller behind the counter. Frank S. Bowman, of Bowman's Department Store in Woodstock, is visible on the right side of the photograph.
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