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Photograph of J. Clinton "Clint" Reynolds and Florence Mae Gochenour Reynolds.

The photograph identifies them as the oldest married couple at Mt. Zion Lutheran Church near Fariview when the photograph was taken in September of 1980.
Unidentified young couple sitting side by side
Portrait of an unidentified couple
John W. Sheetz and JoAnna Rosenberger were married in 1891 and lived on Hoover Road in Calvary.
Portrait of Will and Emma Shipe, seated in studio
Portrait of a couple, possibly married. Unidentified man is seated and wearing a suit. Unidentified woman wears a flowered corsage, hat, and is holding a purse.
Fulton Bowers in service uniform and unidentified friend. Mr. Bowers was a WWII veteran from Woodstock, Virginia.
Portrait of Lee Painter (born Rockingham County 1874 - died 1951) with unidentified woman, (possibly Alice Fisher, his girlfriend at the time photo was taken). Lee Painter was a farmer and lived in Mt. Jackson. He married Ethel Jordan in 1919 and…
Portrait of unidentified man, seated, with unidentified woman standing next to him with her hand on her hip.
Photograph identified as members of the Munch Family of Fort Valley Virginia.

Originally the image was identified as Jacob and Margaret Munch, however based on their age and the date of this picture this identification is in doubt but they are…
Portrait of Alfred Lee Kibler, Sr. and his sister, Clara Kibler. They were the children of George W. Kibler and Sarah Frances Showalter. Clara Kibler married George Golladay
Unidentified man standing next to unidentified woman.
Unidentified Man, seated, with unidentified woman standing next to him.
Unidentified man reading on a bench while unidentified woman looks on from behind him.
Portrait of unidentified man with white hair, mustache and beard with unidentified woman, also with white hair, standing next to him, her arm on his shoulder.
Portrait of unidentified man and woman standing side-by-side.
Unidentified couple standing side-by-side and behind a chair.
Portrait of an unidentified man and woman .
Unidentified man and woman pictured side-by-side.
Photo of a framed illustration of an unidentified man and woman
Portrait of unidentified man and woman.
Unidentified young man and unidentified woman. Image is missing at the bottom.
Portrait of unidentified man, seated, with unidentified woman standing beside him.
Unidentified man beside an unidentified woman.

This may be a married couple.
Portrait of unidentified man and woman standing beside each other.
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