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Portrait of an unidentified man and woman with their two children between them. They appear to be seated on a porch and in front of an animal's pelt of some kind.
Images for two unidentified people have been put together, possibly in preparation for making a portrait of them together. Probably, they are husband and wife.
Photograph of three unidentified people. Possibly, a daughter is standing behind her two parents.
Portrait of unidentified family members, possibly four generations.
Unidentified man and woman surrounded by their children, two boys and a girl. All are wearing clothes reminiscent of the early 20th century. The family is posed outdoors.
Unidentified woman wearing a flower corsage and hat with netting seated beside unidentified gentleman wearing a formal suit.

Possibly, this is a wedding photograph.
Portrait of Lloyd A. Hutchinson and his wife, Evaline Bowers. They were the parents of Walter, Paul, and a daughter, Nancy.
Photo of a photograph of a group of unidentified people taken outdoors. Probably a family photograph.
Photo of two photographs. On the left is a group of unidentified people of all ages. On the right is an unidentified man holding heavy chains and standing outside.
Photo of a photograph of three unidentified people standing side-by-side. The younger woman in the center has her arms interlinked with the older couple on each side. A fourth person has been cropped out of the photograph. Probably a family group.
Photograph of an unidentified young man wearing a U.S. Navy uniform and sitting in a restaurant's booth with an unidentified older couple, probably his parents.
Photograph of a group of unidentified people. An unidentified woman in the center has a white outline painted around her as though the photographer was planning to make an individual photo of her later.
Photo of a photo of three unidentified men and two young children standing outside. Probably a family photograph.
Photograph of an unidentified man and woman standing outside a brick building. Part of an unidentified young boy is visible on the left and there is also a face and hand visible in the window behind the people.
Photo of an older photograph of an unidentified man and woman. The woman's dress is floor-length, long-sleeved, and speaks to an earlier time.
Photograph of two men wearing ties, a woman with glasses and her hair pulled up, and a young girl in the foreground. All are unidentified.
Photo of a photo of the Fravel family taken in the studio. Pictured are: (l to r) Benjamin Fravel, his daughter, Elda, and his wife, Mary.
Unidentified man and woman standing side-by-side outdoors and in front of an old car.
Photo of a photo taken outdoors and showing an unidentified man in a brimmed hat standing next to a woman wearing a dress. A young girl is sitting on her knees on the ground in front of them. Probably a family photograph.
Photo of a photo of an unidentified U.S. soldier seated on a stoop and flanked by four unidentified children. Timeframe is probably WWII.
Damaged image of unidentified people. It appears this is a cropped version of a larger photograph.
Photograph of an unidentified man and woman sitting side-by-side, possibly a husband and wife.
Unidentified man and woman posed shoulder-to-shoulder. Probably a husband and wife.
Hugh Morrison, Jr., with his wife, Grace E. Johnson, seated in their backyard garden. Hugh and Grace were married in 1899. The family dog sits at their feet.
Unidentified woman sitting on a wooden crate outside and watching two young children playing with chickens.
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