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Undated photograph of two women and two men.

The reverse of the image is labeled "R.W. Sweeney, Mrs. Sweeney, Mr. and Mrs. Hottle, sister and brother-in-law of RW Sweeney"

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Photograph of Mildred Hottle, of Woodstock, holding an eagle and shotgun. She killed the eagle with an H & R Shotgun. Hugh Morrison, Jr. sent a copy of this photograph to H & R for an advertisement, but the co-president, Edwin Harrington, sent back a…
Photograph of a very large group gathering for the Hottle-Keller Memorial Association on August 23, 1934. The group of unidentified individuals are gathered outdoors for this photograph.
Photograph of the baptismal certificate of Hattie May Hottle, born in Shenandoah County on August 23, 1907 to William Henry Hottle and Virginia Sager Hottle. The baptism took place on April 18, 1916 and the sponsors were Hattie's father and Pastor D.…
Photo of a framed photograph of Anna Catherine Miller (1927-1993) wearing a graduation cap and gown. She was the daughter of Charles Lester Miller and Stella Alice Wetzel Miller Bradford. She married Eugene W. Hassler, Jr. and their children were:…
Portrait of Kathleen Hottle Sweeney. She was the daughter of Bill and Kate Hottle and the wife of Emmett Sweeney.
The name, "Hottle", is written on the glass plate of this image of a woman wearing a jacket over a blouse.
Portrait of Drucilla Hottle Wetzel wearing a print dress and glasses.
Portrait of Master Sergeant Ralph Hottle in his U.S. Army uniform. Sgt. Hottle was from Toms Brook.
Portrait of Virginia Hottle, as a young woman. Her husband was Billy Lewin Hottle who died in the 1980s. Her parents were Joseph Russell and Mary Virginia Hoshour Miller. She was born in 1920 and died in 2001. She is buried in Toms Brook, where she…
Billy Hottle (seated with legs crossed), Jenny Lind Hottle, Troutman, and older Ralph Hottle (standing on the right). These children grew up in Toms Brook.
Portrait of Gladys Hottle Fravel as a young woman.
Pictured (l to r) are: Margaret Clem Fadely Tysinger, Edward Hottle, and Mate Clem Lemaster. Edward Hottle was the girls' grandfather.
Portrait of Olan Showman. Two of his daughters are Ms. Tommy Nichols and Barbara Hottle.
Pictured l to r: Edward Hottle, Mate Clem Lemaster, Margaret Clem Tysinger, and Jacob Brian Clem.
Portrait of Mate Hottle Clem Lemaster as a young girl.
Clarence Hottle Larkin, nicknamed "Jimmy", was born on May 11, 1892 and died August 21, 1956. He lived in Columbia Furnace, and had a younger brother named Robert Larkin.
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