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Photograph of an unidentified man seated and holding a rifle with a dog resting on his leg. The man and dog are looking off camera.
Photograph of a dog standing in the grass and panting. There is a man standing behind it holding its leash.
Photograph of a dog standing outside. There is a man holding its leash and standing behind it. There are two different dogs visible in the background of the photograph.
A photograph of a dog standing with puppies feeding from her. A man is holding the mother dog's neck up. Signal Knob is visible in the background.
Unidentified man in a rowboat with his dog. He is comfortably seated, smoking a cigar, and fishing. An umbrella above him helps keep the sun off.
A portrait of a child wearing a hat and sitting on a small bench with a rug underneath. There is a small dog in the child's lap. The portrait is in an oval frame.
Photo of a photograph of an unidentified young child standing outside with a dog beside her.
Photo of a photograph of an unidentified man squatting behind a panting white dog.
Photograph of the Morrison Family's Dog.
Unidentified man pictured outside a house wearing a jacket boots, and hat. A rifle is in the crook of one arm and he is holding the leads for four dogs with the other.
Photograph of the grave marker for "Laddie", a dog who belonged to Hugh Morrison, Jr.
Sarah Catherine Baer posed in a wintry coat and holding the collar of her dog. Sarah's father was the minister of the Reformed Church located on the corner of Spring and Main Streets in Woodstock.
German Shepherd pictured outdoors in the sun.
Photograph of unidentified woman standing outdoors. A dog is seated beside her.
Unidentified woman and teenaged boy seated on a porch with two dogs, possibly beagles.
A dog sitting on a picnic stool in a backyard setting.
Unidentified teenager sitting outside a home with his arm on the back of a big dog.
Unidentified Man sitting in a rowboat with his dog and his fishing rod.
Portrait of unidentified woman wearing large hat with her dog
Portrait of an unidentified dog sitting on his back legs.
Portrait of a dog wearing a bow
Photograph showing two dogs beside a fence at an unidentified location.

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Photograph showing an unidentified child with a dog.
Photograph showing an unidentified child with a dog.
Photograph showing a dog sitting on a porch at an unknown location.
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