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Letter sent from George W. McCauley of Moorefield West Virginia to William Rush Merriam of Washington DC concerning a shipmen of lumber owned by the Henkel and McCauley Timber Company to be transported from Liberty Furnace to Edinburg Virginia by the…

Receipt noting that $29.25 had been received by Perry Bowman from M.M. Campbell, Receiver inf the Chancery suit of N.J. Conover vs. Liberty Iron Company for brick work on the company's stack. The receipt is dated December 31, 1891.

Bark statement sent from H.S. Wightman to W.R. Merriam of Liberty Furnace Virginia on August 9, 1911.

The statement details the amount of bark collected, presumably on lands belonging to the Shenandoah Iron and Coal Company, during the month of…
Picture of a photograph of the Liberty Furnace property.

The superintendent's house (still standing in 2022) is visible on the left of the image and the furnace structures are visible on the extreme right.

Liberty Furnace was located along…
Two story house on the Liberty Furnace Property.
Unidentified group of people sitting on the lawn of a large, two-story house located on the Liberty Furnace property.

Letter sent from Lantz and Lindamood, Hardwood and Pine Lumber Manufacturers in Strasburg Virginia, to W.R. Merriam, President of Liberty Iron Furnace, in regard to an unpaid bill for a shipment of lumber.

August 16, 1909 letter sent from the Dedford Company of Luray Virginia to the Shenandoah Iron and Coal Company of Liberty Furnace in Shenandoah County Virginia. The letter details an amount of bark received by the Dedford Company, who operated a…

LibertyRiotArticle Jan 28 1880.jpg
Newspaper article detailing a riot that occurred at Columbia and Liberty Furnaces west of Edinburg in Shenandoah County. It appeared in Shenandoah Herald on January 28, 1880.

The incident was sparked by the furnace owners' decision to hire…
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