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Photograph of Moyers Motor Company in New Market Virginia. The company was a Ford dealership located on Congress Street in New Market. They also operated an Esso Service Station and sold GE appliances.

Based on the license plates of the vehicles…

License granted to "Jno Wissler & Co" to operate a retail store in Columbia Furnace Virginia after the company has paid a $48 fee. The document is dated April 12 1858.

The license was signed by ____ Rinker and references the Sheriff of Shenandoah…

Engineering drawing for "Bell and Hopper" used by the "Mt. Alli (?) Furnace" ordered for the Liberty Iron Furnace in Shenandoah County Virginia. Dated July 14 1882.

Photographs of an unidentified quarry/stone processing plant. One photograph is identified as "Place where Carl went to work. his office."

The photographs are undated and come from an album containing photographs from members of the Hamilton,…

Photograph showing the exterior of the Morrison photography studio and Miller shoe shop located on W. Court Street in Woodstock Virginia.

The photograph was taken in Woodstock.

Brochure promoting Strasburg Virginia puchlished ca. 1962.

The brochure includes descriptions of businesses, church, local organizations, local festivals, and historic attractions.

Undated pamphlet printed by the Shenandoah Valley Loan & Trust Company located in Woodstock Virginia.

The pamphlet outlines products offered by the company including "Time Certificates," its "Savings Department," and "Loans."

Advertisement pamphlet produced by R.D. Newland promoting the demonstration of a "Hydraulic Cider Press and Apple Butter Boiller."

Based on included dates, the document was most likely printed in 1898. R.D. (Richard) Newland operated an Apple…

"Shenandoahopoly" Board game. Produced in 1989 as a fundraiser for the Woodstock Virginia Rotary Club. The places on the board bear the names of local businesses at the time.

Lantz Roller Mills "White Lily" flour sack. Produced in Lantz Mill Virginia by the Lantz Roller Mill Company.

"Shoe horn" bearing an advertisement for "Grabill's Shoe Store" Woodstock Virginia.

The items is also labeled "Crown Master: A Product of Great Atlantic."

Coin bank produced by the Citizens Bank of New Market Virginia.

The bank is designed to look like a book. Depositors would be required to tank the item to Citizens Bank to access the money since the bank held the item's key.

Photographs (2) showing vehicles and people at the Shenandoah Cooperative Farm Bureau building in Mt. Jackson Virginia. This business supplied seeds, equipment, and other supplies to farmers. The building still stands and is today vacant.
Photograph showing plates, cups, and other items inside an unidentified restaurant kitchen, possibly at a counter.
Photograph showing the bar at the Val-Vista Restaurant with an unidentified patron and three unidentified workers.
Photograph of a Ford Motor Company Poster for the Samuel G. Clark Ford dealership in Woodstock Virginia.
Photograph of a corner of a Ford Motor Company Poster for the Samuel G. Clark Ford dealership in Woodstock Virginia.
Photograph showing a Gilette Razor display in an unknown business window.
Photograph of a corner of a Ford Motor Company Poster for the Samuel G. Clark Ford dealership in Woodstock Virginia.

Invoice from Lester W. Hansberger of Mt. Jackson Virginia issued to the Shenandoah County School Board for Shake Kindling. The items were sent to the Mt. Jackson "Colored School."

It was approved by B.E. Nelson, school trustee and paid on April…

August 16, 1909 letter sent from the Dedford Company of Luray Virginia to the Shenandoah Iron and Coal Company of Liberty Furnace in Shenandoah County Virginia. The letter details an amount of bark received by the Dedford Company, who operated a…

Postcard mailed to Saum & Brothers Store in Edinburg Virginia ordering a pair of sleigh runners. The order was placed by Joseph Hawkins of Hawkinstown Virginia.

Order for meat from Daniel Shirley & Company of New Market Virginia. Dated November 4, 1886 and signed by Noah M____.

IMAG0269 - Copy.jpg
Mary Lou Polk Thompson was known for her involvement with the community and C.E. Thompson’s, an Edinburg building supply company that her husband was part owner of.

Born on July 22, 1933 she moved to a house just south of Edinburg in 1961…

Photograph showing the Stickley-Boyer Building on the corner of Court and Main Street in the Town of Woodstock. This structure, and a large portion of this block, were destroyed by fire in 1904.
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