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Photograph of Florence (Hoover) Reedy as a young woman.

Florence was the daughter of James H. and Catherine (MIller) Hoover, a farming couple from the Edinburg area of the County.

She married Harry Franklin Reedy (1899-1976) in 1922. He lived…
Portrait of the Reedy family. Pvt. Ralph Reedy was an Army soldier during World War II and is wearing his uniform in this photograph.

Standing, left to right: Ralph Reedy, Vernon Reedy, and Alden Reedy.
Seated, left to right: Judy Reedy Baker and…
Portrait of Harry Reedy, seated, with his wife, Florence Hoover Reedy standing beside him. Florence was the daughter of James K.P. Hoover and Catherine Miller Hoover.
Photo of a photograph of Grover Allen Orndorff in his U.S. Army uniform.

Grover was from Zepp, Virginia, and the youngest of 11 children. His parents were Rhesa A. (1866-1949) and Emma S. (Hill) (1871-1953) Orndorff. His father farmed.

Portrait of Quentin Stickley, brother of Geneva Stickley Reedy.
Portrait of Geneva Reedy, wife of Elmer Reedy.
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