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Patch bearing the emblem of of the Edinburg Elementary School in Edinburg Virginia.

This peel and stick patch was designed for a jacket or article of clothing.

Photographs (x2) of students from Strasburg High School in costume for the 1929 May Day parade and festival.

One photograph is labeled "May Day - 1929 - Seniors" and the second is labeled "What 'We' Wore."

The individuals in the photograph…
Photograph of the east façade of Woodstock High School located on W. Court Street in Woodstock, Virginia.
Photograph of the girls' dormitory of the Shenandoah Valley Academy. This private school in New Market, Virginia, is run by the Seventh Day Adventists.
Group photograph of the students and teachers of the Lantz Mills School in 1924. The girl in the 2nd row from the bottom, 2nd student from the left was Elizabeth Stoneburner. The man in the center of the photograph was a teacher, Edward L. Lantz…
Photograph of the Freshman class of Woodstock High School. Ruth Rice, Edna Burner, and Arlene Vann are in the photograph although we do not know where. Gladys Richman Peer Copp was the 1st girl in the 2nd row from the top. The teacher on the far left…
Group of Woodstock High School students at the main entrance to the school. A few have been identified. They are: French Boyer (upper left), Josephine Newman (below French), Louis Glenn Locke (on French's left), Margaret Grabill (upper center). The…
Group of mostly unidentified Woodstock High School students posed at the main entrance. The three men at the far right of the second row were Dick Wickham, Willard Bauserman, and the Principal, Prof. Milton Hollingsworth.
Group of unidentified Woodstock High School male students. Possibly this was an athletic team at the school.
Photograph of a second grade class that met in a building at the west end of Lawyers' Row. The Walton Law Office and the Wickham house are visible in the background. The teacher in this image was Agnes Fravel.
Photograph of a group of students standing in front of the Woodstock Public School.
Group photograph of students standing in front of the Woodstock Public School. None of the students have been identified.
Group of elementary school students posed in front of the Woodstock School. None have been identified.
Group of 3rd and 4th grade children posed in front of the Woodstock Public School on Court Street. Roller Golliday, Lacy Boyer, and Richard Bowman are among the children in the photograph but we do not know their exact location. The teacher is Mrs.…
Group of students posed together outside Woodstock High School. The girl standing 3rd from the right in the front row is Edna Mae Richman Rickard. The others have not been identified.
Group of female students seated on the steps of Woodstock High School. Some have been identified. They are: (Top row, l to r) Eunice Miller Willett and Beatrice Beidler; (2nd row, l to r) ?, ?, ?, Madeline Foltz; (3rd row, l to r) ?, Mildred Saum, ?,…
Group photograph of the student cast from a school play put on at the Calvary School in the 1920's. The seated man in the front wearing a white hat has been identified as Earnest Mowery but the others are unknown.
Sophomore class of Woodstock High School in 1928. A few of the students have been identified. Louise Funk is in the 2nd row down from the top and 2nd girl on the right end. Other students in the photo are Homer Golladay, Dick Wickham, Sam Stickley,…
Students comprising the "Tri-County Choral Contest Winners, 1931", as seen on the banner in the foreground. The photo was taken outside Woodstock High School.
Group of students from Woodstock High School, circa 1928. Those that have been identified include: Estaline Funk (second row, second from the left), Margaret Magruder (first row, first on the left), and Eunice Lawman Morrison (first row, second on…
Group photograph of the unidentified members of the 1914 Massanutten Military Academy's football team. They are assembled on the steps of a campus building. In the front center, a cadet is holding a football with the notation, "MA -14".
Photo of two school photographs of Virginia Totten. One photograph is labelled "1940-41" and the other is labelled "1939-40".
Photograph of seven children and one adult in a circle of chairs. This appears to be a Bible study or Sunday School class. The drawings hanging on the wall behind the children depict biblical themes.
Unidentified older students with their Sunday school teacher seated at a table. All are wearing their coats and hats.
Candid classroom scene with unidentified elementary-aged children at work while an unidentified teacher works with a boy one-on-one. Pictures of Bible scenes on the walls indicate this was a Sunday school of some kind.
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