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Unidentified child seated on the corner of a small table with a large dog seated beside him.
Unidentified young woman seated on a bench with her arm around a dog.
Photograph of a dog sitting on a studio column. A pair of spectacles have been placed on his nose.
Unidentified little girl photographed outdoors. She is holding a puppy and standing in front of blooming bushes.
Two unidentified boys posed on either side of a dog, probably theirs.

Family resemblance is evident between the two boys. These were brothers.
Unidentified man, woman, two children, and a dog posed together on the porch of a home.

Probably, this was a family photograph.
Young puppy posed on a studio prop.
Unidentified woman wearing a hat and seated on a bench with a small dog seated on the bench beside her.
Two unidentified children, a girl and a boy, posed with a small dog at their feet.

Probably, these were siblings with their pet.
Unidentified young boy standing beside his dog.
Photograph of an unidentified African American man, seated, and wearing a suit and tie. Beside him, his dog is standing on his hind legs and resting his front paws on the man's lap.

Portrait of two unidentified children sitting in studio. There are two dogs laying on the ground by their feet.
Portrait of an unidentified child in studio hugging a dog that is laying on the studio floor.
Unidentified young boy and girl, posed together with their small dog in the studio.
Unidentified young boy and girl, posed together with a dog at their feet.
Portrait of an unidentified man and woman sitting on the porch of their home. They are posed with three dogs. Two of the dogs are posed on the ground and one is sitting on the woman's lap.

There is visible plate damage on the upper left corner of…
Photograph of an unidentified toddler leaning against a dog.
Portrait of an unidentified man and young woman sitting on the floor in studio. There is a small dog posed in front of them with his paw resting on the woman's lap.
Portrait of an unidentified woman standing in studio with two small, identical dogs sitting at her feet. She is wearing a hat and a fur coat over a dress.
Unidentified woman wearing a hat and belted dress, is standing behind a bench on which sit two matching dogs, both with their tongues sticking out.
Photograph of an unidentified young man standing and holding a dog in his arms. There is a building with a partially-built roof visible behind them. The photograph appears to be damaged on the left side.
Unidentified young boy seated on a bench with a small dog beside him.
Unidentified young boy standing over a dog outside.
Photo of a photo of an unidentified woman sitting on the ground outdoors with a white dog beside her.
Unidentified man in a rowboat with his dog and fishing pole. A strategically placed umbrella gives him shade as he leisurely makes his way.
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