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Postcard bearing an image of the interior of Mt. Zion Lutheran Church in advance of its Christmas Eve service.

The card is dated 1971.

Mt. Zion is located west of Woodstock Virginia in the Fairview Community.
Unidentified girl shown with her scooter. Dolls are also visible beneath the Christmas tree behind her.
Photo of a photograph of an unidentified toddler seated under a decorated Christmas tree. A doll is beside her.

Christmas Card sent from Margaret Hupp of Fishers Hill to Zelda Lichliter of Strasburg.
Photograph of a Christmas tree in an unknown location.
Photograph of a nativity play. The location of the performance and the identifity of the performers is unknown.

Two undated photographs showing an unidentified individual serving as "Santa Claus" for the Shenandoah County Library's annual Christmas holiday program for children. The photographs were taken in the library's original location in the basement of…

This letter to Mary (Mollie) Foltz of Forestville VA was written on December 13, 1904 by “Gus,” a man who we know very little about. Records indicate that some of Mary’s family, including the Charlie Foltz mentioned in the letter, had moved to North…
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