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Statement issued to R.D. Newland by Wightman and Hisey for 1 bushel of seeds. Dated June 31, 1895.

Photograph of the covered Southern Railway Bridge crossing Stoney Creek in Edinburg Virginia.

The image is labeled "Sou RR Bridge Edinburg VA" and is undated.

This bridge was destroyed by a fire in 1915.

Photograph showing cobbler shop and house operated by the Hisey Family in Edinburg Virginia.

The cobbler shop (first floor, commercial building on left) was founded in 1889 by Benjamin Frederick Hisey and later managed by his son Sedwick. A…

Photograph labeled "Hugh, John Martson, Joe Grove."

Based on the image and names provided, the two individuals identified are John E. Marston and Joe H. Grove of Edinburg Virginia.

"Hugh" may be Hugh Hisey, but that is uncertain.

The image…

Notice sent from Warren B. French Jr., President and General Manager of the Shenandoah Telephone Company to subscribers notifying them of a change to dialing procedures for station to station calls.

Undated broadside advertising the annual lawn party of the "Young People's Guild of the Edinburg Reformed Church."

Patch bearing the emblem of of the Edinburg Elementary School in Edinburg Virginia.

This peel and stick patch was designed for a jacket or article of clothing.

Photograph of an unidentified man holding a snake at a children's program held at the Shenandoah County Library.

The photograph is undated, but based on contextual information would have been taken in the early 2000s.

Photograph of seven unidentified girls.

The original photograph is labeled "Beside still waters 12 noon, Sept 26 1918. Confluence of Stony Creek and Shenandoah River." This would have been located in Edinburg Virginia.

Based on other…

Photograph showing the "Portal Staff" at Edinburg High School. The image appeared in the school's 1959 yearbook, "Hi-Lights."

Portal staff were responsible for designing and producing the school's yearbook.

Pictured are Phyllis Benedict,…
Photograph of "Dr. Belew" of Edinburg Virginia in a horse drawn carriage.

The photograph was taken in front of 414 N. Main Street, Edinburg Virginia and has historically been captioned "Dr. Belew."

The structure shown was the home of Dr.…
A portrait of the Barrick family. Pictured left to right in the back row, standing, are Alma Wakeman Barrick and Brook Barrick. Pictured left to right in the front row, sitting, are John "Harry" Barrick and Betty Barrick (Estep). The family lived in…
Photograph of C. P. Hisey, pharmacist in Edinburg. C. P. Hisey was married to Emma Evans, whose family owned two houses in Edinburg on the corner of Main and Center Streets. C. P. Hisey's pharmacy was located in one of these houses.
Portrait of Walter Bennett Davis, Sr. wearing a suit and sitting on a bench with his legs crossed. Walter lived in Edinburg with his wife, Ellen Arline Allen Davis, and children, William Spencer Davis Sr., Jean Allen Davis, and Robert Nicholas Davis.…
Photograph of Stanley Tobias Clem (on the left) with his arm around Perry T. Heishman, both from Edinburg.

Both are wearing Civil Air Patrol Uniforms.
Photograph of James Moreland of Edinburg, Virginia, holding his rifle and standing beside a his recent kill, a deer.

Mr. Moreland was born in Shenandoah County, son of the late George and Sally (Clem) Moreland. He was a member of Front Royal Moose…
Photograph of Carroll C. Burner, left, wearing a U.S. Navy Aviation Machinist Mate's uniform, and seated beside an unidentified man.

Carroll Burner served in the US Marine Corps and in the United States Navy as an Aviation Machinist Mate.

This photograph shows Timothy Lehmann Jr, then of Edinburg Virginia. The plate is dated March 19 1949 and labeled "For Tim Lehmann."

Timothy Lehmann Jr. was born September 11 1906 in Baltimore Maryland. He graduated from Ohio State University…
School photograph of Anna Lee Hite ca. 1935.

Anna Lee Hite married William Van Buren and they lived in Hampton Virginia where she died in 1987.
Portrait of Pearl Merkley Mullins. She attended Christian Church in Edinburg.
Portrait of Betty Weaver, daughter of Jack Weaver of Edinburg, Virginia.
Wilbur and Claudetta Dellinger as children. Their parents were Clyde Dellinger and Esther Foltz, who lived on Senedo Road in Edinburg.

Broadside for the "Public Sale of Personal Property" from the estate of "Mrs P.C. Holler" (Letitia Bell Hollar) to be held on June 16 1951 at her home in Edinburg Virginia.

The auction was conducted by auctioneer Charles Goltz under the direction…

Statement issued by the Shenandoah Co-Operative Farm Bureau to the Edinburg Hatchery for items purchased during the month of November 1939.

Photograph showing an unidentified individual with bicycle in front of the Pearl White Theater.

The theater was located on Main Street in Edinburg.

The photograph is undated.
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