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Aerial photograph showing the southern end of the town of Mt. Jackson Virginia and surrounding communities.

It was produced on March 25, 1992 as part of an aerial mapping project funded by Shenandoah County and covering the geographic area of the…

Certificate for two shares in the "Mt. Jackson Circulating Library" issued to Joseph Homer Tisinger of Mt. Jackson Virginia.

The certificate appears to be issued by "The Collins Library Company, Thomas J. Collins, Manager." It is dated February 6…

PXL_20230301_164637096 - Copy.jpg
Photograph published in the Shenandoah Herald newspaper noting Dorothy Ann Newland of Mt. Jackson had been selected to be the Honorary Fire Chief for the Mt. Jackson Fire Company.

At the time she was a sophomore at Mary Washington College…

Photograph labeled "Aunt E. and classmates."

"Aunt E." refers to Edythe F. Getz. Which individual she is in the image and the names of her classmates are unknown.

The photograph was taken along Main Street in Mt. Jackson Virginia. Mt. calvary…
Portrait of J. Eldred Swartz posed in studio. Mr. Swartz was the principal of Triplett High School. He was married to Virginia Hornsby Swartz in 1940.
Photograph of unidentified people on the porch of a 2-story home. The image is labelled, "Hepner View House. Mt. Jackson, Va."
Photograph of the Mt. Jackson home of William "Will" Helsley (1874-1927) and his wife, Bertie (birth unknown and died 9/24/1955). The couple married on October 4, 1906, and lived in this house for many years.
Photograph of five unidentified women and two unidentified boys. They are participants in a pageant held commemorating Mt. Jackson Virginia's centennial.

The woman in the center of the image wears a crown. The others are wearing sashes that say:…
Marriage certificate for Melvin L. Hollar from Toms Brook and Audrey M. Hamilton from Mt. Jackson dated October 18, 1948 in Hagerstown, Maryland.
Photograph of a boys sports team posed on the front steps of Triplett High School.

Trophies are visible on lower center of image. The sport is unknown, but may be a track and/or field team.

Identified are:

Standing, left to right: Fred…
Photo of a photo of Burgess Nelson's home in Mt. Jackson. He had it built using a home in Roanoke as his inspiration. It was torn down in 2013.
Photograph of a photograph of a home in Mt. Jackson that was built by Burgess Nelson. Unfortunately, the home was torn down in 2013.
Large brick home with awnings on the side porch and columned front entry. House is located on the Mr. Airy farm in Meems Bottom, Mt. Jackson.
Photograph of the C.M. Shannon House located on Route 11 at Shannon Avenue in Mt. Jackson, across from the Dellinger Funeral Home.
Photograph of "Shenstone", located in Mt. Jackson, Virginia.
Photo of William Hoyle Garber, of Mt. Jackson, as a young boy.
Portrait of John D. Ross and his wife, Fleta Lonas Ross. John Ross was an attorney in Mt. Jackson and former town mayor. He and his wife owned and operated the Shenandoah Alum Springs Hotel (on Rt. 717 near present day Basye) during the 1930's and…
Store front view of Wender's Department Store Mt. Jackson Virginia. On the steps Mr. Harry Howard manager and with wife, daughter and store clerk.

Phoebe Tusing.jpg
1974 photograph of Phoebe Tusing, a resident of Shenandoah County Virginia.

Pamphlet produced for a "Masonic Banquet" held at the Riverside Tea Room on June 25, 1924.

This banquet appears to include representation from the Mt. Jackson Lodge, the Hunter Lodge in Edinburg Virginia, and the Cassia Lodge in Woodstock…

Ten dollar note produced by the Mount Jackson National Bank. The note is considered a "National Bank Note" and was printed on June 7, 1904. It was one of 11,527 produced by the bank that year.

Note the ink mark above 3209 in the top right corner.…

Photograph of Julia Virginia Fansler from the 1949 "The Beacon," Triplett High School Yearbook. Julia was the librarian at the school and a graduate of Madison College, now James Madiston University.

Bonnie Mawyer came to Shenandoah County in 1975. Her and her husband Roger moved to the Avendale Acres subdivision in Mt. Jackson after he was hired to manage the WSIG radio station.

A third grade teacher at New Market Elementary School, Bonnie…

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