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Photograph of seven unidentified girls.

The original photograph is labeled "Beside still waters 12 noon, Sept 26 1918. Confluence of Stony Creek and Shenandoah River." This would have been located in Edinburg Virginia.

Based on other…
Photographic postcard showing girls on the porch of a cabin at Camp Strawderman.

The postcard identifies the cabin as "Barcarolle," which is one of the sleeping cabins at the camp.

Camp Strawderman is located west of Columbia Furnace Virginia…
A portrait of young Carolyn Morrison Chapman sitting on a bench and wearing a collared dress.
Photograph taken by William Hoyle Garber showing a group of unidentified girls on the porch of a cabin at Camp Strawderman located near Columbia Furnace Virginia. from newspapers past Woodstock High School Girls varsity basketball team 1952-1953 October 17 2002 The Free Press.pdf
Photograph of the Woodstock High School's Girls Basketball team during the 1952-1953 season with names
Photographic postcard of girls standing on the "swinging bridge" at Camp Strawderman.

Located west of Edinburg Virginia, Camp Strawderman is a girls only camp that has operated since 1929.

Photograph of three women with a young girl. The photograph was taken ca. 1914. On the back of the photo, someone identified them as Mary James, Mrs. Brushwood (?), Margaret Virginia, and Mae Agnes Evans.

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Postcard with an image of a cabin and girls at Camp Strawderman which is an all girls camp located near Columbia Furnace in Shenandoah County Virginia.
Unidentified Girl
A portrait of an unidentified girl holding a toy and standing in front of a table. She has curly hair and is wearing a dress.
A portrait of an unidentified young girl. She has a bow in her curly hair and a shawl tied around her shoulders with no shirt underneath. She is looking away from the camera and smiling.
A portrait of an unidentified young girl wearing a dress and standing on a chair.
Portrait of two unidentified young woman sitting close together and smiling.
Photograph of an unidentified young girl wearing a dress and sitting in the grass with two rabbits, one on each side of her. She has her hands resting on the rabbits, holding them in place.
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